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K D, W ain't morning John Shaffer principals at secondary schools, in the Clark county school district have passed a no confidence vote in superintendent. Hey, sues Giora, unanimous vote came from seventy to middle and high school, principals after jar announced via video that he was eliminating one hundred seventy deemed positions from middle and high schools in the district. This is the first no-confidence vote cast against a superintendent in the history of the Clark association of school administrators and professional technical, employee's as the represents principles teens and other administrators. Governor Steve lack signed into law, and increase of the minimum wage collective bargaining Bill and other measures fulfilling progressive wishlists and promising he said out in his state of the state address, the minimum wage law will incrementally raise Nevada's minimum wage, which is currently seven twenty five for workers who receive health insurance and eight twenty five for those who don't the new law would raise those rates to eleven dollars for those with health benefits twelve dollars for those without. Out by the year. Twenty twenty four state lawmakers are coming up with creative ways to allow employment drug testing to be conducted in states, where marijuana is legal to use in Nevada. The governor signed a measure to prevent companies from rejecting job applicants who test positive for marijuana since pot is legal in the state and a big part of the economy. There are exceptions of quarters for workers in safety sensitive positions like firefighters emergency medical technicians or federally licensed drivers some states protect medical marijuana patients from employment discrimination, and New York City this year. Barred employers from requiring perspective workers to take marijuana drug test, unless they're in a safety sensitive position. I'm Jacky Quin, a US house committee is blocked. The latest attempt in congress to restart the licensing process for a nuclear waste repository Nevada's, Yucca Mountain house rules committee, rejected a request Wednesday by Illinois Republican Representative, John shimkent to keep the project alive by setting. Aside money for the licensing. The blues end there have century title drought while avenging their loss in the nineteen seventy Stanley Cup final Gloria Gloria the Saint Louis blues are Stanley Cup champions for the first time in franchise history. The blues ended their fifty two year title drought with a four one game seven win over the Bruins. Ryan Riley Alex betrayal. Oh, brayden. Schenn infact Sanford all goals. While rookie goalie Jordan bidding ten made thirty two saves O'Reilly finished with a franchise record twenty three points in the playoffs to take home, the con- Smyth trophy him this for so long. And you is a kid, just like that feeling crews back to you just like, what it means. To, to win this thing. And I just I still I still can't believe this that grizzlies scored late for Boston as the Bruins were denied their first Cup title since twenty eleventh Geffen cooled off Boston. Put Wall Street, the Dow starts today.

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