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Want to dispel the rumor that you guys, you gotta stay connected. How weird is it when you go online and see somebody trashing somebody that just left the company to go to another company, you're like, they still the same fucking person you want us. This is the same guy. Cody rose didn't change shit. Not a damn thing. He still cutting the same promos he wasn't AW. But everybody was like, oh, no, he just doesn't work. I'm like, no, there's so much, oh man, there was another one. I was just talking to somebody about this the other day. Everyone's the same. Adam Cole is the exact same person. With the same people, but y'all want to, now, it's cool to trash it or debunk all these little pieces apart that y'all were cheering to rap about the same things. A year and a half ago, two years ago, this dog is so good. I don't get it. I feel like you can like everything. I feel like that's okay. I like what I like. Like for me, I like what I like. If I see something good on WWE, I'm like, oh, that was dope. If I see something bad, that was right. So people are just like, so they're under the routine. They can't break routine. If Ozark is on Netflix, put it on Hulu. I am not watching those words. You're right. Same show, but you're so habited to Netflix. Netflix is going to be here. Boom, I know that going to my search. It's right there, my favorites, top tens, bows, right there. But you just got to search it on Hulu, but it's over there too. No, we put on paramount plus. I don't know, man. I don't know. But people are creatures of habit. You know? That's the.

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