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Joanne, welcome to the mar tech podcast. Hi, French man. Thanks for having me. I'm so excited to have you here. I'm so excited to have you on the show. And I'm excited to talk about an incredibly important topic and honestly one that can at times be a little bit challenging to talk about. It's one of our very important diversity and inclusion episodes, and today we're going to talk a little bit about inclusive marketing. This is kind of your strike zone. This is where you focus. Tell me about what inclusive marketing is in your eyes. The quick and short answer would be its marketing, but fixed in a couple of hours. Essentially, it's understanding that whatever audience you're targeting, that audience is diverse and representing them in your copy in your imagery and really making sure that they can access the content you're creating. I always get weird these episodes. I said this offline, I'm a white guy talking about diversity and inclusion. So I feel like nobody wants to hear this from me. I'm glad you're here. White American male, privileged as could be, and you are in the UK. What? I'll let you describe your ethnicity and background just so everyone has the context. Tell me about who you are. The full intersectionality, which I'll describe what that is later. I am a black woman based in the UK and also dyslexic, and I'm bi. So I'm part of a lot of communities. So my experience of marketing content and being a marketer, the two sometimes don't always mesh. So that's where I came into the world. And I was like, hold on. As a marketer, I'm not marketing for individuals like myself. Something's broken here. All right, you're helping me, because I feel like this one vertical that I'm covering straight white American male. And often the finger gets pointed at us as part of the problem because there is, and not to say that all white American males have done something wrong, but we have privileges that other people aren't necessarily given based on their sex color creed, what have you. So you're helping me figure out how this works for the rest of the world. You said that inclusive marketing is basically marketing, but you're marketing to diverse communities. All of your target segments cover diverse backgrounds. And to me, I'll play devil's advocate a little. That sounds counterintuitive..

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