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Starting two private equity funds in Europe targeting wealthy individuals who are looking for alternative investments. While rich individuals and Europe allocate less than 2% of their portfolios to alternative assets, a BlackRock executive tells us that could rise to about 20% over time, futures are moving lower this morning and straight ahead we have your latest local headlines plus a check of sports. This is Bloomberg. It's 6 O 7 on Wall Street. It's 34° in New York. We're going to have a mix of sun and clouds today and a high near 50. We'll get down to the low 30s tonight under a partly cloudy sky, and now here's John Tucker for a look at what else is going on in New York and around the world. Good morning, John. Good morning, Nathan. Jurors, now deciding whether it's a fellow sci-fi deserves the death penalty for a 2017 terror attack that killed 8 people along a New York City bike path and a note to the judge, the jurors asked if they could discuss the Biden administration's moratorium on carrying out federal executions. They also wanted to know if it was okay to discuss lethal injection as the method of death in both cases the judge said no and sent the jury back to deliberate. There's some changes being made in Rochester after a deadly stampede last weekend at a rap concert, two women were killed. The Rochester police chief David Smith says he's revoked the license of the concert venue where the stampede happened. This denial means that the Main Street armory can no longer host any public entertainment, pending a complete and thorough review of this matter. Chief Smith says the third woman was critically injured. Russia launched its first massive missile attack in almost a month early today against cities across Ukraine. At least 5 people are dead and many more have been left without power the fiber killed in their homes near lviv and western Ukraine as a Russian missile hit a residential area. Forecasters say another atmospheric river taking aim at northern and central California is expected to arrive early this morning. This comes after massive snowstorms that let people in some mountain communities trapped in their homes without power for days. Madera county's sheriff Tyson pogue says areas are under evacuation warnings because of flooding concerns. This gives them plenty of notice for them to pack their packer belongings, get their critical stuff together, any identification, medication, things that they have to have for their own survival. Sharapova's massive amounts of snow will melt all at the same time. Defense secretary Lloyd Austin is doing the Israel today for a meeting with the Israeli defense minister. It'll be a shortened visit because of massive protests across Israel over the government's plan to cut the power of the Supreme Court, the chief of the army also expressing alarm over a threat from military reservists to withhold service, investors have even started to withdraw funds from Israel. Global news 24 hours a day powered by more than 2700 journalists and analysts in over 120 countries. I'm John Tucker and this is Bloomberg, Nathan. Thank you, John

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