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Arizona votes in depth. Arizona votes the race for Jeff flake Senate seat is about as close as it gets less than a month before the elections KTAR's. Jeremy foster joins us live with the results of the latest poll democrat Kirsten cinema with a three point lead over Republican Martha mcsally in the latest CBS news poll Jamie that is within the margin of error. Cinema is scheduled to join Arizona's morning news. A little after seven ten this morning. The poll of over a thousand registered voters also found fifty four percent Phileas zones economy isn't a pretty good place, which would appear to bode well for governor Ducey over seventy five percent say they're going to vote next month's midterms nearly half say they'll vote based on the direction of the country. Just ten percent. They'll do so based on how they feel about President Trump live in the news center. Jeremy foster KTAR news may have been confirmed, but the controversy surrounding new supreme court Justice Brad Kavanagh, maybe far from over some Democrats are talking about the possibility of impeaching capital. If the party wins back the house in November, but they're making the midterm election, which is only a month away. Their main prior. Judge cavenaugh will begin hearing cases at the supreme court Tuesday. He says he plans to hire all women clerks. Stephanie Ramos ABC news, Washington is calling it the deadliest transportation accidents since two thousand nine a limousine carrying four sisters and their friends to a birthday party near Albany, New York. Blue stop sign hit another vehicle and to pedestrians in all twenty people were killed the crash, which is still under investigation happens. Saturday night KTAR is on parenting police were called to valley schools over the past week after reports have guns on campus things that deal with safety in the school actually start in the hall. Phoenix police sergeant Tommy Thompson says parents need to create an open dialogue with their kids about the consequences of bringing weapons to school. If parents have guns at home, they need to make sure that they're secured away from where the children can get to them and take them to school reiterate to your kids. They won't be in trouble. If they tell us. Adult when they see something wrong on campus, including bullying young people in their parents need this sit down and have Frank conversations about the issues. The kids are faced with Ashley flood KTAR news. There's a genius among us ASU. Professor Natalie Diaz has been named one of the twenty five recipients of a MacArthur foundation genius grant, she's a poet who writes about her experiences as a Mojave neighborhood of American and Hispanic woman poetry is one way. I sent her myself in my body, and the way that happens is that I really believe in the like the physical power of of poetry of language Diaz and the other recipients will get six hundred twenty five thousand dollars each over five years to continue their work or you hear about house. Fires all the time. Maybe even see the smoke. Sometimes this week is national fire prevention week and Tiffany Davalos with the department of forestry and.

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