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Hey I'm back. Hey what were we start we. Everybody was like you can't go on his show anymore. We're going to go on. I'm like well now. We undefeated so we're good to Kyle Van Noy question tile am I being blamed for collapse of the New England patriots towards the end. I give you credit. Hey let's talk about some serious being named Watts. Payton man of the year is a massive massive accolade the NFL. It's not an easy thing to accomplish. You're going to be good human. It's one care for the rest of your life. I was walk straight man of the year for the colts. I still. We'll talk about it and remember it to this day. Congratulations on all the incredible work in the in the community is that something. You really focused on yes. I do a big part part of who I am as a person I want to get back. You know. I've I've given sweat shirts off my back. That's what that's what I'm about you know. Someone's in need. I'm I'm they're for him and without my wife and is foundation the Vanoy Valor Foundation. We strengthen those in our communities foster care adoption adoption and struggling youth and we just WanNa give them success for the future and whatever it is they want to do. And that's what I WANNA do with nationwide I want. I want to take that next except nationally with them and I hope I'm pick so I can't take it. I hope you don't get it when you win. Do you have an award speech plant. Hell no tile. You're very confident man. You're good on camera. You're good in conversation conversation. But some of those people that choose to go off the top of those awards viral moments for being terrible. I gotTa tell you a quick one. So the Patriots do One they give every year. It's the Ron Burton award right. And they don't tell you I go up in front on a all the sponsors for New England all my players and I say I'm so thankful for the family of Ron and before I even thought about it I almost said Burgundy and I and my body just like stop up and then one of my teammates.

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