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Hind you which is quite amazing so and the man who may rest respect to that she was saying literally you can walk within half an hour from c up into the mountains so it's really peaceful place interesting time of course in catalonia we were quite curious to see what would happen the race of political situations been pretty pretty volatile there and mark salaya local local writer was one of the contenders wasn't hey we only send you nice places of course hannah previously been to the desert for us only kind of always beaches climate lots of sand and but you did speak to the mayor s what we hear a bit from her can you introduce her please yes is to on the day the morning of the of the start of the race lady code muncie can dini and yes she she had a chat about the area and also about a bit about the current political situation as well see limited this cuando it was a chance to shoot a different types of activities we have here in the city and we said to the volta they would be a good idea for it to start head each year will can more to muddle the city around sports tippety the volt has a huge media impact really important with more than two types of media one hundred six three countries and in twenty five hundred from tourism put view just really unique opportunity so gently give the great opportunity to talk about different characteristics of our city two hundred years on that we have table tennis this year we are the kathleen city basketball and we have humbled on the beach the people who live here love and live their lives in the mentality of spoil it forms part of our dna when the empty seat is this a city full of people it means that they're always a lot of people wandering around the streets there is life going on here three spoil the city shares a lot limits together socializing through the sports they play it's a small part of the world but hey you can enjoy everything i can be looking out to sea with a nature park behind you.

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