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Running away. Going wrong. You have yourself a big time. Try the big scape Burger at Roy Rogers restaurants. Kardashian uber eats available at participating restaurants. He's radio 1055 w we are see. What you're about to hear the fusion of entertainment and enlightenment? Yes, Glinda weekend. To school board trustee genes have been indicted on charges of violating Texas Open meetings Act. They were at the center of a fight over diversity and inclusion in the district. This is a school district that is probably one of the best school systems in the nation. It's definitely number one in Texas. It is. It's a phenomenal school district and a phenomenal community. Its rate of racial reports of racial attacks is point. 3.3 the scores. The test scores between white and black are no different in this school district. They're doing things right. Well, there's been charges of racism and so critical race theory. Woz was brought in. The parents went crazy. We're gonna talk to one of the guys who is in the eye of the storm in 60 seconds. Lindback program. If you experience pain on a daily basis, I know exactly how you feel. It can be debilitating..

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