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The game never never never been as good on this is the top songs with sulaiman here's my first thing on switzerland can they take advantage of an opportunity because remember how they got here and i'm sorry to bring up bad memories but remember when anri had the handball against ireland and you thought oh well they're through there in the world cup what a gift they've been given and they were so just so bad in that world cup and they were just it it was was surrounded with controversy and they were just the words it was banned handed out like a and you just you just thought to yourself like they deserved it we're giving this gift you're in this world cup now on this bs moment and this is what you've done with that swing out to say that about switzerland in this case is strong it's not that strong but it's going to little far but a ball his northern player in the back on a penalty was given and that was the only goal scored in one hundred eighty minutes in the playoffs and we don't know you don't know how things might have gone it could've gone a penalty you just don't know but you're right i mean they got by northern one nil and the only goal was a very very controversial one so they've been handed this up they are in the world cup on that will they take advantage of that opportunity now dea way to look at it as they were pretty faultless and qualifying right they won't early against portugal they were beaten in nine games that one nine games actually they didn't lose until until they gain until they.

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