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So desperately needed this time to get clarity to get the still thinking to get role to you that we as christians need to be embracing dictating challenging Thanks for the interview. I hope that because if you're from again periodically since they are so clear in how they stay the nisshin and challenge the church listener. Kris kin singer wrote in to register his disagreement. He says that he thinks evangelicals have developed a reputation that over emphasizes politics he thought harrison and walker inflated allegiance to christ with allegiance to the political ideology of the republican party. It sounded to him like a call to oppose the biden administration and continue the division that is dominating our society. He says he thought it was a missed opportunity to bring healing to those wounds on friday. Well moving on now to another segment. That generated quite a lot of feedback. And that was emily. Whitten's interview with kristen getty about teaching hymns two children. Here's listener austin smith and very helpful suggestions as well as provided that great in doing the light of the guinea family ear. What what can look like for one family in seeking to raise their children. Give them get of music gift. I did want to tell you that. I thought missed an opportunity to come. Fathers important formative role of chiltern old. So thank you for sharing it. And maybe next time to china's well or ways to emphasize that both mothers and fathers happen portend week roles to play in will next. We'll hear from a listener. Who noticed a new look to our podcast logo. Hi there. My name's ian mcallister. I'm listening from western massachusetts. I just wanted to say. I love the new show those the icons that show on the website and in the podcast up Great redesign they looked really good. We should mention of course that not. Everybody liked the new color scheme and we understand that. Hopefully though it'll grow on you you know. I've been around a long time cannot tell you. How many design tweaks we've made to the magazine. The website and yet change is not always welcome in that way. The idea of course was to bring some unity to all the different podcasts that were something whimsical what we do have time for one more call today. That will bring us to the end of this month feedback so last word from listener rick callum. Who wanted to offer some praise for this. Week's commentary from kim henderson. I felt like the perspective was right on the weekly and one that we really need to remember as believers. The quotable was for most christians. The war isn't in washington. It's within how true. Thank you so much. Kim and thank you so much to the team at the world and everything in it well. It takes a lot of people to put the program together each morning. So let's say thank you to our team. Meghan basham anna. Joe hansen brown. Johnny b cheney. Ken covington kristen. Flavin katie golden. Kim henderson lee jones. O.'neil ceo he kerry sarraj weinsberg and cal. Thomas many thanks to audio engineers. Johnny franklin and carl pizza who stay up late to get the program to you early. Paul butler is executive producer. And marvin alaska is better in chief. And you without you. None of this happens. Your support makes the difference. Thank you so much. But you have a restful weekend in worship alongside your brothers and sisters in christ.

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