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Milan. Lists a pretty good list. Lissa? I love them. Both. The twins played in full house where they now definitely not. Oh, I love that. Who's in who's the boss? I was completely in love with her when she was on who's the boss as a kid, and she might have had her way romantically with me when she was in. Well, not for you. I don't think it would be very appropriate for me. I feel like it was probably okay. Although she turned into we should be very very pretty, and and then very well, very well appreciated by the male species. I would say, however, he goes objectify women again, go ahead. I would say her her understanding. Yes of political issues. Casually leaves something to be desired. No, no. Yes. I won't hear of it. Yes. Not a Hollywood actress, and I was like eight I would've thought it would have been the greatest thing in the world that I've could have spent the rest of my life with Eliza Milano. I would not have made it to this age. If I had to spend the rest, I would I would have either disappeared or terrible things would have been it might have been. The garage scene. Elizabeth has been a big metoo booster, and she has been part of the women's March as well. And if you remember the women's marches is organization fabulous organization took all the time to decipher the positives and negatives of Donald Trump's pregnancy that they launched a giant rally planned it all before he became president. And then had the rally the day of or after his inauguration. I can't remember I think it was the day while I'm not sure I think it was the day after, but it may have been the day off that shows that they were really really decipher. Gave him bad. I our shouldn't have done that don's fault. But it interesting part of this one of the criticisms she's had from Austin, many others is she is dealing with the women's March crew and the women's March crew is led by two people who overtly have hung out and said words of praise of to Louis Farrakhan about Louis Farrakhan. That's problem to me because you can't say that you're pro woman or that. You're you can't criticize someone else for being an anti Semite when you're hanging with people who who like Louis Farrakhan, because there's probably no single higher-profile anti-semites in America than Louis Farrakhan. That includes the person you never heard about in Charlottesville until they were on the news. It includes every horrible talk show hosts, wait a minute. Wait a minute. Have we already deported that X Auschwitz guard? Have we deported? I don't know. Okay. If because he was a guard guarded the gas chamber, if we haven't deported him, you think Farrakhan might be number two Farrakhan. Maybe number two, I don't know that we could say Farrakhan is the has the most ardent anti semitic views. However, he is the best known and most influential anti Semite in America. Yes. I don't think there's any question about that. I mean, Richard Spencer is even remotely close to the sort of impact. You know, Richard Spencer got like fifty people to Charlottesville. We had remember the million man March. Now, again, maybe there was only three hundred thousand but still it was every hundred thousand as a lot of people. The guy has an incredible influence and can still to this day pulled giant crowds a lot bigger than most of the politicians. You know, so Louis Farrakhan, one of the worst anti-semites in America, and he. What the hell listen Milano think about it? Sure. But a lie said, Melissa, I know her Nodar sister, Melissa. Well, I don't know what Melissa thinks I will say, but Elissa, you know, which is the name of the celebrity Melissa Milano. That's what I said. Thank you. She she has been criticized over this. Why are you associated with the women's March people? Amen. She is now saying I would say a relatively surprising moment. She is now disavowing the the women's March leaders until that time we were to make a Mallory and Linda Sarsour, actually step up and disavow. Fantastic. Now did Melissa Alonzo any any influence on her sister. And this decision why she had a different last name. She marry someone named Delano instead of Milano. Milano cookies. I that's true. I don't know what. Look,.

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