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Big comes as such think about those things now because peak season is right around the corner that is really smart so Paul looking at the east coast now I read your forecast on the accu weather site and you were saying that the east coast could get double hit scorching heat end big big storms it is a good chance that July would be the market I mean he could we're gonna see some back and forth on temperatures in the rest of June but when you're in July you may start getting a little bit toasty humidity coming up a little bit batteries start using around conditions of fans a little bit more often especially at night now and then at the same time it could set up a kind of in between area in the middle of a state like Virginia and Carolina's where they could get hit pretty hard with some severe weather early season severe weather here so that's something to watch out July specially and they will have to worry about the tropics for the Carolinas in August we still have a lot more to talk about could you join us again in the next hour a real estate today absolutely no problem great we'll talk to you then Paul thank you Paul passed through lock senior meteorologist and head of the long range forecasting department at accu weather coming up on realistic today you'll meet a realtor who wanted to help during the pandemic so he donated more than one hundred thousand masks to healthcare heroes everybody has to do some public Zacks and that's why we are not here that's next right here on real estate today if you.

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