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Feed radio nip at live dot heartland use fee dot com. This is supported by advertisers and contributions by on facebook. Twitter and instagram's america's top diplomat will head to the middle east. I'm pam who hello fox news with a fragile ceasefire in its third day. Secretary of state. Anthony blinken will meet later this week. With israeli and palestinian officials. Yesterday in gaza militants were out in force my moss marking their ceasefire with israel with a military parade hundreds of masked soldiers carrying guns as they walk the streets of gaza city. The group's leader making his first public appearance at the parade using it as a show of strength after eleven days of fighting. Fox's ashley straw meyer. The international red cross says about seven hundred thousand palestinians are affected by the extensive damage in gaza this weekend in cities across the us pro palestinian protests were held the nypd has one man in custody and is looking for four more in connection with an anti-semitic attack. In times square. The jewish victim. Who was hospitalized was punched. Kicked and pepper sprayed seems like everywhere you look. There's a help wanted sign. That's why many states are starting to do more to get people off unemployment. During the height of pandemic related shutdowns stage. Drop rules about searching for work while unemployed. Now the states are reopening several or requiring people on unemployment to actively. Look for a job. It's part of an effort to fill jobs amid a hiring shortage at least thirty six dates or asking people to provide proof. They're looking for work to continue receiving benefits. Fox's rachel sutherland. 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Georgia's governor has joined other republican leaders in pushing back against critical race theory. It's a concept that highlights. How race influences all aspects of society georgia governor. Brian kemp is the latest republican to come out against critical race theory. He's calling it an american and divisive and he says he doesn't wanna talk in georgia schools and we don't need to be trying to rewrite history and in a letter to his state board of education urges members to quote take immediate steps to ensure that critical race theory. And it's dangerous ideology do not take root in our state standards or curriculum. Fox's charles watson under president in the education department is promoting critical race theory and has linked federal funding to that curriculum. Nothing to do and nowhere to go just a couple of reasons. Why residents of west virginia are leaving. The state was virginia has seen the sharpest drop in his population during the decade of the twenty tens for two thousand ten to twenty twenty the population in the state by three point two percent or fifty nine thousand people. There are a number of reasons. People are leaving including a lack of opportunity or lower paying jobs. The state is trying to buck the trend with major incentives for the people moving in remote workers who decided to move to west virginia could get twelve thousand dollars in cash and a year's worth of free passes for golf rock climbing and other outdoor activities. Rob dawson fox news. What started out as fun ended up as an inferno. I'm as a fire erupted last week in northern california after three. Teenagers made the mistake of playing stickball with a flaming tennis bowl. The bowl ignited some dry brush which then spreads several vehicles and propane tanks. The fire also heavily damaged and caused a brief power outage policing contra cost to say. 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