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If your family's next until two years later and arrest would send shock waves throughout the tight knit community. Yesterday. Investors in Ri a provides up to 18 to 21% returns on their class A real estate portfolio go to an R I A dot net for more Friday May 7th 2021 I'm Jessica Rosenthal, Republican Slam President Biden's plans to tax and spend, But the president says the GOP doesn't even know what it stands for. They're not talking about Who's going home, You know, be running the party. They're not talking about who's gonna be the president in 24 they're talking about how do we improve this country? And how do we stop the radical left Biden agenda. We speak with Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott on Lisa Brady. Are they stopping violence or just stifling speech? The big tech debate heats up again. As a trump fan continues. There's no question that that is mobilizing opposition. On the right to these platforms and the argument that they're censoring conservative before we speak with Fox News Sunday host Chris Wallace on I'm Tom Shillue. I've got the final word on the Fox news run down. While many Republicans are focused on limiting the amount of spending President Biden wants to do. The president is accusing Republicans of not having their act together. It seems as though the Republican Party just trying to identify what it stands for. And they're in the midst of Significant sort of many revolutions going on the Republican Party. There is some infighting. House GOP CONFERENCE chair Wyoming Congresswoman Liz Cheney may lose her position. She's facing a lot of criticism over her remarks about former President Trump. Writing recently that the GOP is at a turning point, accusing many Republicans of following him with blind loyalty, not taking the capital riots seriously enough and supporting the former president's claims about election fraud. South Carolina Republican Congresswoman Nancy Mace was asked about the infighting on America's newsroom. The American experiment is all about a debate of ideas. We should be able to disagree and not be attacked over. But in order for us to win back the house in two years, we must have a unified front, both our leadership and our conference as a whole. I sit in the swing district. I would like to keep that district and go out and get a few more so we get the majority back so we can make changes for the better. Better prosperity. Better freedom in this country. Right now we've got to be unified, and that's my greatest frustration With all of it. The former president himself weighed in on his own platform urging Republican leadership to push Cheney out. So is the GOP going through a mini revolution? Or is this normal post election loss? Introspection? You know, Jessica, if you get out outside of D C You don't hear any of this Florida Republican Senator Rick Scott, where they're focused on his jobs, Better education, public safety. Um, and whether they're furious about is abiding agenda. They don't want to secure border. They're frustrated boys down the borders could create a crisis. They want their schools open. They don't want men played in women's sports. They don't want to shut down the keystone Pipeline. Anyone shut down fossil fuels they wanted don't want become energy independent. They're frustrated with all of Biden's proposal's basically drat, it radically change this country which nobody voted for that. All these things they're doing. So now you get you get outside DC people in bed, having any earthly idea what you would be talking about it because they're served so focused on their own personalized How to improve their families. That said this conversation about the GOP is happening. As you know, article after article really gets printed about this division among Republicans, namely the idea that Congresswoman Liz Cheney might lose her position is conference chair in the House. Over her comments about President Trump in January. 6th. My question for you is how big of a risk is it for Republicans ahead of 2022 to say that they're conservative but not necessarily a fan of President Trump's Just talk to people all day all over, you know, providing affordable all over the country. This is not even a conversation there thinking about their own families. They're saying, what can we do to get this economy going? What can we do to make sure we have options for schools? What point do to make sure we have a safe community. That's what they're talking. That's what they're talking about. They're not talking about who's gonna Who's good on, you know, be running the party. They're not talking about. Who's gonna be the President 24 they're talking about How do we improve this country? And how do we stop the radical left fighting agenda? That's what they're talking about. They're not talking about anything's happening. D c On that note President Biden when he talks about his plans, TOC spend trillions of dollars with what he calls the American Jobs Act. The American families plan. When he talks about it, he says this spending is necessary in large part to compete with other countries, namely China that you know autocracies could just spend and decide and they don't have to reach a consensus to do so. I assume you assume you don't disagree with that reasoning, but But you do disagree with that spending is the way to compete. Look. Hey, just just got a group of American dream. The American dream is you start with nothing like I didn't live in public housing. Not even know my dad and you get to go build something. You don't build something through government doing things. You don't do something through government handouts. You do something because you come up with a great idea. And you figure out how to build a company. That's that's the dream of this country. It's not government spending the the If you look at what the Biden Biden doing right now he's bankrupt in this country were $28 trillion with them. With the last bill they passed, which had very little to do with covert. They called it a covert bill. They'll take us to $30 Trillion with the dead. The next two bills their so called infrastructure bill has, like 6% for roads, bridges, airports and seaports..

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