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He's a terrific writer. He writes, very intensely, but he has only one side is completely on the Trump train all the way and hates the never Trumpers, almost as much, if not more than he hits the Democrats, and he writes his column attacking the never they always end up with David French poor David. I mean it's wonderful Burson I disagree with him. I disagree with him about Donald Trump. And he's a great guy. I don't know why he is become like the poster boy for never Trumpism as opposed to other never-trumpers. But anyway, Kurt says the Kurtz begins this column saying there's a debate going on inside conservatism between. I love the here's a debate going on inside conservatism, between the insufferable sissies, who insist that we normals are morally obligated to submit to being crushed by the leftist, who hate us, and want us, enslaved or dead and actual conservatives. Maybe I'm simplifying this intellectual dispute a bit wait. No not. You either want to defeat the liberal elite that despises us, or you don't it's those of us who seek to win versus the never Trump losers. And there's no middle ground win or lose pick one now I have attacked or at least argued with the never-trumpers who say it's not a binary system. Of course, it's a binary system. There are two parties if one, you know, and the people who sit around say, yes. Well, if Hillary Clinton had won, then four years later, we'd have done this for us. I mean the scene people didn't even know Trump was going to win that night. How hell do they know what's going to happen over four years? There is a binary system if you don't vote for one person, you're voting for the other person, but it's not a binary system win or lose. It's not a binary system win or lose because Trump in his with his lack of dignity with his insult borsch nece his insulting loses votes. He's losing votes. He loses women, he loses people who don't want to see the president behave that way, he doesn't have to behave that way to fight with everything he's got. I don't think Trump can stop himself. I think that's Trump is character in this sense is fate. I mean, that's not what it means. But in this sense, I think it does look, again, the idea that Obama was an scandal-free dignified. President is crap. He was oppressive. He was offensive to the constitution. He was much worse. In terms of violating, our constitutional rights than Donald Trump has been ever. That's the those are the facts, but Trump, please into the image of himself that the empire of lies was created by behaving that way. And I know that, you know. It Jin's up his base. And I know they love it, but it is a problem. There's no question about that. It's a problem in terms of winning and losing. And it's also a problem of what it is the price we are paying to fight back this tide of socialism, incompetence..

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