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Smuggled reconnections green yellow and green i'm doing my tossing stops energy and sustainability and those who are transforming our world you benefit some my extensive network of sea level executives entrepreneurs artists authors government leaders journalists and my many years in the media and fortune 500 companies find us online on green connections radiocom i tunes iheart radio where we come to you from today tune in stitcher and wherever you like to listen to your favorite podcast if you speak spanish wear on spanish podcast h2 which is very cool we are facing several potentially dangerous trends on the planet right now climate change water scarcity and infrastructure that is falling apart beneath our feet the violence of isis and syria north korea's nuclear missile threats and many more unfortunately many experts argue that we could have seen these threats earlier and indeed many in the environment sustainability space have been talking about the threat of climate change for decades but leaders continue to miss these trends or just it seems to like they're sticking their head in the sand and ignoring them why and what can we do about it to see and avert these dangers early or at least earlier today we have the perfect person to talk to you about this michelle walker is the former president of the world's policy institute former vice president of the chicago council on global affairs a young global leader of the world economic forum and my friend i confess and author of the new book the gray rhino how to recognize and act on the obvious dangers we ignore she defines agree rhino in the book as a quote highly probable high impact yet neglected threats unquote that occurs after a series of warnings and visible evidence welcome to bring connections radio michelle thank you for joining us.

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