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I'm hoping that vaccination will will solidify that getting over the hump. I'm looking at march twelfth. Twenty twenty two kind of sort of feel like this one year in the rear view mirror. Want basically it'd be a two year until thing and that would mark two years from the day the nhl shut down at the start of the pandemic. i actually went back. And i watched the start of that game. A couple of times Last summer just kind of you know we're it won't be like that for a little while but we'll get there we'll get i promise we'll get there all right so Thanks to our producer. Jesse cohen We have a week show for your next week. We're hoping to get rob blake into a conversation with us On a whole number of topics Kings and non kings related but until then hit the subscribe button. And we hope to see you very soon keep Keep supporting the podcast. Keep watching us on fox sports west. Then we'll see you later..

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