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I'm going to keep him around by do think he can contribute down the stretch free. I don't you think he got at least the capability of top twenty out all seems very positive on illinois him in as now. I think that people that dumped him in april. We're going to regret it and let me quickly ask because it affects one of my teams the atlanta leftfielder who is on the deal with the finger and ended something he shouldn't have. Would you cash him in right now. I have him in leno. Labor at like twenty five bucks. But i'm gonna keep him. I think and and maybe he'll produce september but again he he could be suspended so i have to ask you whether you you really have that option. He has to be sixty day detailed. Or l i think he is. I don't think he's sixty day all. I think he's restricted list than if he is. You can't do it or would you drop them in an espn standard. Then right. this goes to so for wars you can. I believe if the players on the injured list or on the sidelines for an extended period. Cut the player and get fab. I would yes. That's another case of gray area. I lean towards it being lengthier because we just don't know these things and they have not historically been getting settled very quickly. There's no reason that that. mlb should race through it. i would cashman. Yeah all right moving on now. Let's talk about hitters of the per- hitters of the first half was on monday. Show otani in vlad pitcher the first half you know jacob degrom is number one guy for points leagues and on the player reiter. Kevin gaza was like fifteen th round pick. Freddie peralta up there on chris bassett's having a great season. I just have a tough time going against the ground for this. Even though he was a first round pick an arguably the first pitcher taken in a moment every draft. You agree with that. He's putting up historic numbers. I wouldn't fight you on that. I will pick kevin guzman just based on you know. And you've said this many times it's the value relative to cost on draft day. It was a large divide between these two players. That's the only reason. I personally pick osmond. But i think it's clearly one of those too by the way could us zack. Wheeler for a very big year. Zack wheeler has had an exceptional year. That i don't think he's getting enough kudos for well last night might have cost them a start in the all star game so degrom is not going to go to denver for the all star game. He wants to and he he should he should be focusing on the mets. Frankly maybe taiwan walker will be the replacement and then wheeler started last night at wrigley field and his defense again. Let them down And his manager probably so but we'll have a great first half of the season. And i like to see him in the all star game. When i was growing up. I used to love the also game because i would see my player and we could watch every gate okay. The only chance we have was like monday night baseball. Abc tbs of the atlanta team. And then i would watch the phillys. Wgn you could get the cubs cubs but you know like in the like it was cool. I would watch schmid e every day. Carlton but in the all star game i could see. Oh that's a guy. I've never seen before you know. There's alvin davis just an example. Like or like bob horner. You know like he didn't get to see everybody and you never got to see like you were nail guys yankee i was. I didn't get to see american league players like marching back. Then i love the all star game just to watch tim raines play. Yeah because you didn't get to see the montreal players new york yankees fan. That just wasn't going to happen the only time if you watch some of those mets games when they came to town i didn't even know where seattle was growing up and then like they have a full team. Toronto has a baseball team. And i'm like oh. I wanna see their players and i don't remember how was seeing bruce bach the all star game but maybe he was there to help build your ship now. Seattle being your new team right well. That and and baseball cards baseball cards was the other way it was like seeing like mariner. But then you know. Like oh here comes bruce bach these and all star at seventy nine or whatever and then that was the game day. Parker throw are wasting time ingram. I have to give you the random question though older stick of tops baseball game. You've eaten. i've never had one. You've never eaten any of the government of the packs really. I've never actually chewed a piece of gum in my life. Wow i see. I haven't in a long time. I gave up gum well over probably two decades ago. We're very never had never had a lot of the pack. Who had come in any form. I've never had coffee in any form. I've never had coffee. So that doesn't strike me as the weirdest things. But the golly you i've enjoyed i've had gum. I don't do it regularly. I don't have yeah. I remember at coffee. Baseball cards ruined by piece of gum. That twice took it out. I hate that. I wish they would put it back in. That was part of the fun of the packs. Wait all this. I met matt old a good friend of mine. We were opening these up about a year ago. Nine thousand nine hundred eight tops and he ate the gum and i warned him not to an advanced older than i am. Yeah that's a problem. That's that seems oh advised thirty two. It was no. It's thirty one year old gum. He ate it. He said it was dreadful. And it was dreadful eighty-eight shocking all right. That's a look down history lane here for us. And more eric's weirdness Homerun derby i just.

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