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I didn't feel uncomfortable at all people were very nice and distancing themselves and their lanes that freak without the mascot would be near that guy that's what they were and that's fine with me stay away from me assuming we get back in time depending on when the governor answers press conference here in a moment at one o'clock we're supposed to talk to a doctor Dr when I don't know if it's Richard Robert now there was about to announce that Dr Roger Klein this guy appears to be quite the rabble rouser when it comes to running up against popular opinion and he is out there saying look we don't need to be doing what we're doing to the economy we don't need to be destroying our economy we should be doing this in a smarter way he's not just anybody though he works in a molecular molecular biology so he also knows what he speaks but I keep getting emails from his people saying it did whose growth over I do think the World Health Organization screwed us over like a hundred percent there's no doubt in my mind on that I really really believe that they help well now they're saying the governor's press conference at twelve thirty so stop vamping and I will law I'll tell you what else is on the blog so doctor Klein interested to talk to and hear what he has to say because like I said this is where you're going to run up to a problem between people on the left who believe that scientists can do no wrong if you notice this like it this is a gross over simplification so if you don't fit into either of these categories please no I'm not talking about you but kind of a big picture view of the way I see the clash between some on the left and some on the right when it comes to things like coronavirus climate change religion and faith people on the right tend to be the kind of people who say I believe in god that's right but my faith I believe in god god has a plan what happens happens it's going to be okay because if I'm a Christian especially I believe that I'm gonna go to a you know a secondary life and have been all that good stuff again gross oversimplification but on the left where people tend to be more secular they don't have god to kind of dump it into god's lap when you have a problem they are constantly looking for answers from people who work in science right because scientists are smart this is what they do they spend all day every day studying these various things so you're looking for answers in science except they they ignore how often science has been wrong I don't mean a little bit wrong I mean stunningly wrong they may face creams in the early nineteen hundreds with radioactive particles in them and they thought that was a good idea doctors used to recommend smoking to aid in digestion they thought that was a good idea and so right now for the last fifty years doctors and scientists have been waging war on dietary fat only to find out each sugar that's been the problem the entire time or maybe it hasn't this is my point and we have the schism right now of people who say look if I get code if I get corona virus and it's my time I'm right with god and it's my time now they don't want to die it's not a fatalistic attitude to say if it happens it happens but there's some freedom in that there's some freedom of being able to say you know what if it's my time I you know I've done what I need to for my family I could get hit by a bus just as easily although there's not many buses running right now but you know what I'm saying and then on the left you have people you guys my friends who are hard core progressives and yes I have dear friends that are hard core progressives literally terrified all the time of coronavirus they're afraid to do anything because of coronavirus they are locked in their houses and apartments all they do is watch the twenty four hour news cycle and they are living in a position of such fear because the scientists have not solved the problem yet now I'm not saying the scientists won't solve the problem I too have a great deal of faith in the ability of science to help us overcome these things I you know I don't think you have to say your your religious person or you believe in science I'm not stupid enough to say that what I see on my friends in the left is is like this almost pathological fear that that they're going to die of this before some guy or girl or woman can figure out how to treat them or cure them it's just it's a very different weird schism that I'm seeing and I think it's why so many people are so angry on the left that Donald Trump is actually talking about trying to re open the economy that governor Jerry Polish is talking about trying to open parts of the economy again you know because man hasn't figured it out yet it's just very strange that was just kind of one philosophical point that I noted over the last weekend and you guys were as bad as we have it here in lockdown my best friend is in her apartment in Brooklyn which is in the part of Brooklyn that borders probably the largest outbreak in Brooklyn right now which is in Williamsburg which is a huge Jewish Hasidic Jewish neighborhood in Williamsburg and they're having a huge outbreak and she said this morning I talked to her every day she said this which is like I cannot handle the sirens the sirens are nonstop twenty four hours a day the sirens she's like it has not stopped in four days so no matter what we're going through right now here in the Denver metro area you're not locked in your apartment with no where to go for four days with nothing but sirens so if you have nothing else to be grateful for today be grateful that that is not you right now okay hopefully the governor will take the the lectern right at twelve thirty but if he does Susan what can we talk to him if not I'll come back and then we'll join the governor when you get started sooner we have the news today okay so we're all understand home orders right that means you think okay everybody's just in their own home doing their own thing apparently in boulder during this time they are seeing the most burglaries they have in ages I'll tell you a little bit more about that how is actually happening and when it's actually happening at twelve thirty on Keighley newsradio eight fifty AM ninety four one of them.

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