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If it's two wins are broken. Maiden won the Kentucky Derby by disqualification. I'm sorry Bill. That's going to hang over you as a guy who's been covering the sport. For decades, you watch team races a day live and then more on video. And the like how often do we see as close as you can imagine it the type of valve was committed yesterday, and how often is a horse actually taken down because of it. I don't wanna say I'm not gonna say daily. But I'm sure that happens at least once a week something like that would happen. And you know, sometimes sometimes more, but how often does it take down? That's the problem is the inconsistencies of the way, they treat the stewards dictate their the rules are everything's of discretion road. Something Stewart discretion if you thought that this, you know, affected the outcome of the race in how you Stewart's in Kentucky, you how Seward say New York, your, California, my view, it could be totally different. It's it's too subjective. As what I'm trying to say. And I don't. It's hard to put a percentage on how many of those actually come down fair enough rennet? It is very subjective. Call all right. And you know, always the last question. I gotta ask is we're now two weeks away from the Preakness with thirteen days away from the Preakness, and you try and get a feel they all beg off to see other horse came out of the race, blah, blah, blah. So you never get a perfect answer shortly after the derby. But if you wanna speculate end or give us anyone who has given you a commitment who do you think's going forward to Baltimore. I'd say the three out of here that will go on the country house code of honors subjugate who by the way, just walked past there in the airport at Louisville indicated this morning that he would take a look hard look at it provided his horses doing well. And I think another reason why he doesn't plan on running the horse in the Belmont. So if you didn't run the frequency, probably wait till like, the Jim dandy your score. And I don't know if he wants to do that war of will the horse. It got a bother here. We'll come back. Maximum security will not run the free of my conversation with Gary west today, so other now the three out of the. The country house Khodabandeh war of will Bob Baffert noncommittal. But I would be surprised if he didn't run either improbable I would say improbable and then game winner. My wait for the Belmont Stakes force Iran, sneaky, good in the free, derby was master fencer. I think he'll just go straight to the Belmont. I have one two three for about seven new shooters as they say, the one probably the most interesting is the Maryland base where it's called always mining horses. More than six in a row, but then beating up on lesser quality. You have of course, publicity money who won the have a mile yesterday. And then Lexington winner, Owen, Dale and the second place finisher. Another twist to fake are also planning to run Oakland park has a new race called the Oakland invitational. While we were waiting for the secure way, the decision to be made or name of laughing FOX trained by Keita who one almost every race. He ran in this weekend seems won that race. And we'll move on to the Preakness fan of twist to fate. I like the fact that they aggressively went for it. The Lexington to try and qualify for the derby. I think ours is actually sitting on a pretty good movie could be new shooter. We'll be talking about in about ten days. Dave as always we appreciate it. Whenever you hop on board. Not only DD land insight, you lent long term earned expertise today. And we you needed that. We appreciate it. But anytime Jody talk find talking to done deal, Dan, granite Kilby. Whether it's again after the Preakness, he always says, yes, whenever I ask. He does a really good job of wrapping it up using you talk about the race and the pace that was said and the back stretch, and we just didn't have time. I did twenty minutes with him as it is. And we didn't even break down the race. But they were more important topics to be discussed. I'll do it with you on the phone you want to get back on. My phone's Randy our wide open. Let you hop aboard. And a five five two one two four to seven if you will meet amac man mother's day. Sunday may twelfth which means you'll soon wonder what should I get her? It has to be. Special and trendy match your style. Here's an idea. Check out the delicate diamond.

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