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Twenty percent off any gift over twenty nine dollars by going to berriescom that's b e r r e s dot com and enter code dude soup at checkout that's dudes face subic check out for twenty percent off any order over twenty nine dollars at berriescom thank you sheri's berries a fifth grade girlfriend m israelis i i coughing while that because all salivating as you're showing them as a memorial nitz is a guy add so it's spitting it's hard to eat oh man i'm surprised big we made it a whole week in the berries having disappeared mile there a very guys i selfcontrol well done everybody i the asia not in my defence i i did not know they existed o o where they are that's the trick d lucious thank you uh but yes much like the wild west others another headline making the rounds today about getting swindled rob your bamboozled now much like my heart was stolen fifth grade uh she took a piece me and i'll never get it back um but someone else has taken a piece of s of something far more important miss brown with first named tiffany brown yet is it's it makes for a great headline that story it's of actually into being a lot more complicated but this relates to fema and how uh america has been having a hard time supporting its own fucking territories in times of tens of duress whether it's karina katrina excuse me of your retina or karina whenever or puerto rico more recently so there was a story here about s uh isn't a new york times of fema contract called for thirty million meals for puerto ricans five fifty thousand were delivered which is a pretty big disparity uh fema awarded a contract to the single employee company called what is it here so i'm scaling through the story i going to hear i'll bring it up for the sake of the audience and also give me some visual cover while i stammer over this.

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