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It's like all beyond the reality of what we next week on the history channel. NATO. ME. And you and nealer fighting squids falling from the sky inexplicably in. Guns lasers we got to go to movies go to pitch now there's a lot that. we should we do one more go Yvonne Yvonne Bossy, and instagram there. There have been a few Venus missions and past although none of them survive very long. Is there a slight possibility possibility that they might have in? This life form into the atmosphere of Venus. Quick Answer I'm going to say no because You know when something falls into the atmosphere of Venus, it's surrounded by a ball fire of. Before anything and then there's this this basic fact that the conditions are just so different than it's hard to imagine something leaping off a spacecraft and surviving. Not like a discarded Taco Bell Cup nothing there's GonNa be trump. Plastic supermarket shopping bags come on. David viruses get around. You know I mean viruses invented people so that people would invent airplanes so that viruses can go transcontinental. That's true virus or so we could have Darwinian evolution accounts and we could have dumped some viruses accidentally, but viruses don't live without other cells to invade. So I still don't think the viruses would be thriving there in doesn't your answer presuppose. It's sort of the lack of knowledge we have, which is infinite rights. So in other words, we don't know if there is some form of life that could drop into that atmosphere and survive because we don't really understand it yet. I, mean, you ask for the short version of the Manga version is like. Caveat Caveat Caveat who knows? Maybe this may be that but Paul stopped leading him. All right. Sorry. Okay. I'm sorry. This answer out. All right. Let's go. Here, we go tomorrow even I want one word answer to this one whatever it is I don't care. Okay. Immoral life instagram can life in Venus. In the animal ballpark or just as microbes slash bacteria. Maybe I'd. Excellent we gotTA, stop it at the. the Paul, always good to have you. Wearing something. Thank you for having. And David don't be a stranger dude it's been banned. especially when this when this pandemic is over, we got a go out for a glass of wine. Yeah, and we'll get you to play some more. Alien. Blue I'm I'm. Ready. ACID loving. The Vision Blues. Venetian blues. This been started cosmic queries via sedition. I'm Neil degrasse Tyson, your personal astrophysicist..

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