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Now there is always an exception to the rule. And to- proc could very well be that exception. If i were yamaha i would give it a try. I mean they could always make a deal where he comes to petronas for one year and if he doesn't like it then he can go straight back to world superbike. They'll save a seat forum. I mean because he's in house. There are many different ways they could structure the deal to make it work best for him and i think it's worth pursuing it selfishly. I want it to happen. Because i just think it's fun to say 'to proc road scott leo glue on a regular basis Another writer whose name was kicked around immediately after the rumors came out on. Saturday is another world superbike guy and one that was currently filling in for franken morbidelli last weekend and asset. That's the american garrett girl off and his name very likely will be on the list because after all he's been yamaha's goto over the past five or six months when it comes to a film writer he was gonna fill in for valentine rossy. Didn't need to in the end. But then he filled in for franken morbidelli. will that translate straight to a motor. Gp gig well. I'm not really sure. And i don't think that's going to happen with the factory team. I think possibly with petronas if frankie moves up mean obviously there's potential there or else yamaha wouldn't be giving him these opportunities. He's really been digging hard and trying to learn. In the limited time he's had on a motor. Gp bike and i think that door no would kick him resources to help make it happen to help facilitate in one way or another because it's very important to them to have a us rider on the grid. And so if there's somebody who has the talent level like eric girl loft does then. I think that they would help encourage and help move that long. I would love to see this. That's a bit of a home or comment on my part. But i will admit that there is a pretty long line of other candidates in front of garett girl off so i'm not gonna hold my breath at this point just going to be hopeful that it's somebody that yamaha seriously considers. There are some other writers though that may seem a little bit unconventional at first. Those riders guys like calcutt low current yamaha test rider. Or how about andrea david. Co so now over them read it. Diogo sewri posted a linked to an article mentioning v as a possibility for yamaha. And i'm gonna go ahead and lump cal. Crutch slow into this discussion as well and you know with a bevy of young talent out there. Some of which we've already mentioned. It would be very easy to dismiss both of those riders. But i wouldn't entirely mean as jug bridge replied to diogo. There are some reasons. The yamaha may choose to go the route of the old guy or bringing the old guy back because remember next year is silly season market is going to be way bigger than this one. A lot of riders coming off a two year contracts next year so a veteran like cal or dobie could fill the spot nicely for yamaha and a pinch and then they could turn it around and use it to their advantage and make that seat more about development. That's easy to do when you've got a guy like fabio on the other side of the garage going after wins and a championship Cal would put a british rider back on the grid just like garrett girl off that something that dorner would get behind because they want a british rider back on the greatest like they want a. Us rider on the grid and dovy would give them a very popular very marketable writer and they can have a bit of a reunion to close out his career. So yeah i by the rumors with dovy that at least there's some thought that's going on there because i honestly don't think either one of those guys are that far fetched but only only as a stopgap one year solution and even with a temporary move like that. Yeah you gain options in the next silly season cycle. But like miller's tasker was saying earlier you also vastly increase your chances that you drive away. Franken morbidelli because of it and you need to be prepared for that. You need to have a real game plan if you're going to do that now. Ultimately i think that racing armchair is right going with an older rider. Light cow like dovy doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Although i would add unless there is something specific that yamaha things they could gain from that one season whether it be in development sense. Or maybe you know. They think they can get joe amir or alex. Rinse or somebody like that. If they just wait one more season otherwise yeah move on get a young rider somebody in there to either push fabio and challenge him or it'd be ready to step up if there's a stumble on fabulous us part and on a bit of a side note since we're talking about andrea video so a little bit here tattoo driven asked if dole the ultimately made the right decision dragging his feet with appropriate therefore opening the door the maverick and maybe encouraging him to go explore some other options. I don't know. I don't know if he did himself a favour or not because probably it was clearly his best shot to return to the motor. Gp grid. They absolutely wanted him for next season before they knew that maverick was available. So i think that andrea reduces his chances significantly overall of getting back on the grid but if he had some conversations with yamaha that we are privy to. Well then maybe. He's being slide like a fox. Maybe he was being coy with apprecia- because he knew the maverick was about to quit and that probably will really want him and then maybe he would encourage appropriate against him so he can slide in behind. Maybe take the petronas seat or the factory. Yamaha seat for twenty twenty two. I know i'm stretched ended out there pretty far. But he got to explore every option in a weird situation like this. And then mr t. Brought up one more ryder. I had honestly not considered yet. What about me lavera. I know i mentioned him earlier. He's not yet signed off his current one year. Deal like brad bender already did. Could he be on the radar. And that's a genuinely intriguing idea..

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