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Custard or something custard. Kremb rule. What what you got? I totally got old school bubblegum. Then men bubble gum. I'm good. I am good. I don't even know what color. This is kind of a reddish orange color. It's like three different types of red. Cinnamon. Yeah. Wait, wait, wait. Oh, this one was up someone's nose. I picked a yellow one and it's lemon right. Get disappointed, like doing fucking lemons at Hogwarts. Seems weird. All right. I have one question. Ask each and every one of you before we proceed to the games portion of the show, and that is this one Dan ban? Kirk? Yes. What was the last movie? Ant man and wasp. Is it though wa- spur just ant wasp? I think it's a let me tell him. Know someday. This is going to be a full title thing you say to somebody right? Exactly. The correct title is yes. Atman and the waas. Oh, I know like you like, are you sure, Doug? No, I'm absolutely sure Sam and the maybe sure it's not the v. waas. No, because it's, you'll see when you see the movie. I saw it. Well, in the opening titles, the two, these are next to each other one. Flies over to its correct spot, but to me, that's the correct title. Gotcha. Before that happens, did you like it did except for. Fucking Comecon. If you haven't seen man the wasp or the wasp that's on you. I just I felt like they had a hard time raising the stakes because I knew where we were at in the universe. So I'm like when our half of you melting, when are we getting to the point where half of you work on? And then I was also constantly trying to figure out because of fan theories like how will this work out that some of them do survive. So I think that took the universe has a whole kind of took me out of just watching that film. Yeah. Well, I wish I wish you luck in finding a DeLorean to build a fix this dilemma. Dan Harmon. Would you like a beverage? First of all, you saw me looking at yours like. Without me asking. Special Royal. I had ordered a grey goose double grey goose on the racks, no fruit. Someone anyone, you don't even have to work here right. Just double goose. What's the rest of that on the rocks? No. What are you James von. And I'll take a Jack and coke. Fancy drink orders, no fruit, no fruit, food, Jack, and coke and Andrea you. Good. Bullshit. I don't want to be only one. I'll take like a stellar. No fruit fella, no fruit. You can take air. It is goodness fast. Also, you know what? I love turtles. No straw. I'm woke mother fuckers. What about those chocolates that they call turtles if you guys have those? That would be wonderful. Pixies load them up. Dan, what was the last movie you saw. Is that death wish reboot with Bruce Willis. Apple tv. Okay. He didn't really nobody in that movie. You had a death wish. Everybody wanted to live real bad. But you never felt like, oh, he'll just he'll die for this. No. I saw the title I I, I was like, this is victim blaming. Enough. Death wish how dare you. I think the first death was with Charles Bronson. The idea was that some gang attacked is daughter, so then he wishes they were all dead, right? He, oh, you have a death wish for other people, I think so. Okay way that's not how death wishes work. That's just regular murdered. That's malice that's just called malice. That's a death wish is a dream. Your heart makes. I wish everyone else was supposed to have a death wish. Death. Wish I do some. I didn't tell you. A wish for your death. That was a great verse will is in there. Wasn't very good school. Consider rather be Avila view. Careful. You're gonna get stuck in that for three years. We go. We got drinks. This backup for Dan? Oh, Canadian question about the original death, which which I never saw the Brunson lease expert. Fannie thing was Charles Bronson a doctor in the original. He played Dr Paul Kersey. Okay. Because I thought that was kind of. Paul Kersey thought it sound like I notice talking about because you're fading in and guy with literally life wishes. I mean, he's a doctor. He took took him to what he does every day, but you remember who was one of the original attackers..

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