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Yeah. That makes more sense George in the jungle passer-by. Got it. Thank you. You're good. You're not gonna win. Anyway. I know. Who address? Yeah. Shit you use your lifeline? Curse. Chris. What do you got? You're a Toronto. Yeah. Drastic part. Jurassic park. Yeah. I guess I should have been more more clear that movies were Jeff all has a certain open count. Just in Jurassic world. You could do that. Stepper down. I say clueless to then. Then you would be out. You gotta make sure they were actually in the sequel. For you say. I'm gonna go with long as we're talking sexy. Joel George Jeff Goldblum in the jungle. I like I like the say always. But I think he was at its peak in a movie called nine months. Nice. Yeah. Grant was like, hey, I'm the skinny one settled down. Mickey. Seventeen again. Thank you. I liked that movie not gonna lie to you. So good. It's really it is Leslie man's graded it. Yeah. Matthew Perry's great at it, briefly Thomas leadin screen. It's just it's really if you wanna watch a movie about children. That's not annoying. Seventeen again skip that old George Burns shit eighteen again. They need a really good job with the remake reboot. Andrew you already. Chris. Do it twice once. But what did he say? Do you? Remember what he said when you went to Chris. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I said it already. Yeah. What did he say Jurassic Har Har Har he said Jurassic world? Yeah. Leave leaving a lot of Jurassic table Jurassic five. One dollars. That would be the right answer on. Doug loves hip. Hop..

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