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National radio show. Okay, that's fine. All right. Let's see. Let's talk about significant takeaways then, shall we? Yeah. Okay. Cipollone city personally learned the gravity of the situation before rioters had entered the capitol, something had transpired around two 15 crucially, he said he and his other staffers pushed for a strong statement to call the violence began as early as around 2 p.m.. He declined to comment on conversations with Trump, citing executive privilege, but said repeatedly and forcefully, this was pushed forward inside The White House as timeline would mean the two or more hours passed before Trump's four 17 video telling people to go home as we said, he was waiting to see if it worked. That's right. See if I, you know, hence and or Pelosi, you know, could be taken care of in some way. So as Malcolm Ned said, there might be no other line of succession, you know. Right. He said, just to be clear, many people suggested it, not just me, many people felt the same way. He confirmed and included White House lawyer Eric hershman and chief of staff Mark Meadows. While cipollone's testimony was more perhaps more explicitly damning another portion of his testimony spoke louder, oh yes, the silence spoke. At one point he was asked if anyone on The White House staff didn't want the writers to go home on the staff, he said, Liz Cheney said she wanted to know about anybody in The White House. Anybody in The White House cipollone said he couldn't think of anybody who didn't want that, then they asked him specifically about Trump then came the awkwardness. How long was that side? That was both of us in radio. It was like one 11 billion years. Exactly. Yeah, that's the dead air alarm going off in my head. Oh, my God. He said, I can't reveal communications. I think in my pause. Thousand year pause. Then he concluded, yeah. Okay, so I'm not sure that right. Sometimes silence says a lot more than words can. There was a look on your only Trump didn't want to go home. We do have that one at 16. Okay, thank you. All right. Oh. Were you think so? Anyway. I just checked it. And on the staff did not want people to leave the capitol. On the staff in The White House, about I can't think of anybody on that day who want people to get out of the capital once particularly once the violence started. What about the president? Yeah. She said the staff. So I answered. No, I said in The White House. Oh, I'm sorry. I apologize. I thought you said a lot who else on the stand. I can't reveal communications. But obviously, I think, yeah. Yeah. Okay, I think we got our answer. Here, Twitter. Yeah. You could use any code that you need to. Cheeto lani. It's all fine. Okay. The committee played the new evidence, as we mentioned, the blooper reel, which were furiously. It's coming up early quickly. Looking for. Okay. That even the day after the riot Trump pointedly declined to admit his loss. That, I think, is the whole ball game. He said, I don't want to say the election's over. I just want to say Congress certified it without saying the election's over, okay? Matthews testified coffee girl. Aforementioned coffee girl testified that Kayleigh McEnany told her Trump did not want to include any sort of mention of peace in a tweet when Trump was being urged to send the afternoon of January 6th. Cheney began the hearing by noting correctly that in the days after January 6, virtually no Republicans actually defended Trump, she then played the videos of Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy. Condemning thee. She also mentioned that Kevin McCarthy was also like Josh hawley, a scared. He was scared. Scared running like a little bitch. We have it? We do, it's a minute 20 long. Okay. That was trouble. That was masterfully constructed as a great tease for the next segment. Yes. Good job. Nicely done. It was late last night. It was a rough night for everyone. Also, the section liberal save democracy tour would be here, meaning John feagles saying, Francois, I mean, we'll talk to house parks at some point

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