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Sure and the black market still alive flourishing. Oh just floor some fire stuff to fire stuff right right so so you got good growers or is there. What's the average Graham there on the shelf? Oh man it just fluctuated pretty pretty severe. I you can still get one hundred dollar outs actually Nothing less than I've seen twenty four dollar houses here brother. I know it's it's absolutely blowing my mind. It wasn't not bad either. It really wasn't that bad but It's gotten that low before it shouldn't it shouldn't be outrageously priced. You know the I I believe in the grower getting recognized is and and making a living I I want people to grow and flourish where this plant but I don't believe that it should be taken advantage advantage of and charged like it is being charged. You know priced across the country and growing your own. You probably pretty much provide your own all the time. Oh yeah that's I don't worry about herbs so you make enough shelves. Yes you make enough off your tent to keep yourself in supply. I actually make. I make more ample supply allowed to play around with a little bit. You know good come extraction time. I like pressing rosins when when I get to do that. It's a lot of work but it's a treat for me. Is that what people in Colorado prefers the Hash Razzano solvent. `less yes what it's about and it. It seems like the trends follow the cannabis culture. No matter where you're at Did did diamonds ever get popular. They're all huge huge diamonds. Or crazy I think Graham on on the shelf three now for wreck is like one hundred ten bucks for Shit. You know ten bucks for that. It's crazy I think the best Hash Rosin which we get really good stuff. Here here is like seventy two gram well. Yeah and that's that's right that's right not medical so yeah Hash Rosin has become the the thing here. I like it better. It's expensive yeah I like to make it at what's laborious though it is it is but how see working hard like down. Yeah I don't know how you have enough time in the data. I just missed the molasses. Making them last says man down on the farm so my best pastimes going down there with my APP on making molasses send some up man very laborious I actually yes but I actually use these these the best molasses. You'll ever have. I use them in my tease. I eat them as my sugar for microbes. Yeah so what goes into that all kinds of stuff Depending on stage veg flower. I try to get my plants. It's pretty healthy before I sent him in a flower What goes into making the molasses a lot? It's all about the cooker so about the cook. Sounds like some Walter Author White Shit man it it really is. There's a lot of a lot of hand molded copper. So the The still pretty much built in a maze of it. Turns for the the juice from the sugarcane to roll down in a very controlled rate of cooking from you know a propane blasting nozzles from beneath the Cook has control and it really is an art and these old guys. Just make us young guys. Look look silly your heating up the sugar to turn it to molasses correct cook at the juice of the of the cane so the Congo through a roller roller in it's held in central sump. He will VAT. And then that's what gets cooked down into the molasses missing so what what becomes the labor part of it From the time you're cutting down. You know my PAPPA does this every year. I is like a blessed soul. It does. He sell it or he does he does sell it. It's gifted it's used as currency in in some ways to us you know in in that's Something I appreciate a lot. What about Being home there is. There's a sense of community that's all still black market. There don't even think they have medical. Do you know I come from a really really heavy Christian upbringing on all of this has really shined in. It's not until recently that I get to see the the men come out of the woodwork. Who've been doing this and I've known briefly about a guy here guy they're growing but for the most part it is you know there's not not too many people doing there but yeah it's illegal as it gets and Bama it seems like it'd be hard to hot and humid? I tell you what my grandma she. She killed it this year. I know you're talking about that. You showed me some pictures of first time growing and she just my Ma killed it now she gonna use that like she's GonNa consume that or does she just grow for giggles. I think I think She just got a sense of happiness. Outgoing that Nice. We'll as you do will will. You don't have to consume it just growing. It's fun career think. Yeah it's healing process. You know growing. It's some magical happens. Yeah just like mushrooms definitely. Now what do you think that mushrooms and cannabis goes kind of hand in hand I mean. Do you think a lot of people mechanics. Culture kind of have some sort of interest in psychedelics. I believe the two being being grown together now is more or less becoming very prominent. A lot of growers are growing. Both right Definitely noticed the trend rising. That's interesting and I'm not sure if it's it's weird like I don't know if this stuff has just been going on this whole time black market wise or or people people just kind of floating towards it because it's a natural progression I think the The the really the false sense of security. That's going on on its progressions happening. It is happening however it is still a very very dangerous area. Go into you know even though they you say they're not prosecuting. Because they don't put funds for for it does not mean a higher. A higher level of government will come forth and Come kick your front door down. So it's it's definitely a degree of gray area there so it's still like against the law. How does that work there so they have have not decriminalised them? They've essentially put it on the lowest lowest priority list. And they're not putting forth any funds to prosecute any cases but I imagine it's still a tool if they wanna screw with you absolutely absolutely. Yeah so keep that in the tool belt just not the most used tool definitely so do you see people using it more though out in the open not like walking down the street but I mean do you see more people being less you know hush about it absolutely. I'm pretty open with mushrooms. I believe in them heavily. They're amazing tool to have and if used appropriately can really help someone out And I find out is sometimes I'll carry announce on me and I hand handout couple of grams to someone and then it turns into the ounce being gone and you know the whole place is just high five in giving each other hugs and Lucky Colorado. Oh man that's cool. I you know cannabis culture and I'm hoping now the psychedelic culture kind of holds that value. Where we're very sharing where people are going that'd be very giving with it and try to include it as a as a societal thing I agree I totally agree? Yeah so do you. Consume Zoom Mushrooms Quite often yeah okay okay quite often make that clear. Yes have you seen value in it. Let's put this into context and we haven't really covered and I think we need to talk about this is both you and I have a similar story kind of revolves around alcohol. We both had a alcoholism as part of our life with with me. And you get to know each other over the time that we've had. We've realized that. I think we both had some similar experiences with alcohol. If you WANNA elaborate on that you know your side of es yes Alcohol is pretty much created Sense of hopelessness within my life became to a point of Of No return turn and it really had a lot of battles with it and growing we'd especially And the cleanliness the lab techniques the everything about even mushrooms but growing cannabis in particular has really been a strong tool in my belt to help me overcome a lot of the self destruction. That's been going on for years and in retraining my brain to be a sober man and having the discipline of of making sure your new Tsar on point you know. What are my feeding this plant? What can I learn today from this plant over time? Specific diffic- plants. You just connect and it's so weird to say that you know but a plant you know can can save your life and in particular cannabis this without having cannabis on this journey into sobriety. I really don't feel like I would have been successful. I think you know in success meaning the day I die yeah staying sober. Yeah because it's still a battle. It's still a battle. It really is. I feel you on that. I've I've been through years of it and I've lost a whole lot of friends. I've kept a couple but it's been very damaging in so so cannabis has been for sure tool for me certainly hasn't led me to alcohol which I find is really odd. A lot of people still hold onto the alcohol is a gateway but Really for people like us. I think it's kind of a get out as I've said before absolutely Do you think mushrooms kind of helps that too as well. There's been some studies that indicate it might help addiction. Oh Man I have seen it firsthand. I actually I still battle with tobacco. How that's something I had kicked for a while and tobacco seemingly harder to quit than even booze you know? It's really hard to kick. When I take specific week of mushrooms? Tobacco becomes so disgusting. I cannot it just.

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