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But at brand new Becky. Becky Cain was dive straight with the gang gain tucking bucket. Tuck it. Puckett? Tuck it tuchus go like a target. Talking talking bucket. Bucket talk. I gotta stay in my song. We've been beefing Daba. I night she going let me because we grow. I hit a Gable back to the city. Pessoa bag. No pad both living then. Dope. His brother sister pursaching band. May ringing like amigo traffic. So that's all Tommy Campbell's. We live like sopranos like a plugging. Tuck it. Puckett bucket. Tuck it. Tuck it get bucket bucket. Bucket. Book. Poke bucket bucket bucket bucket real ninety two three Elliot's new home for hip hop. Big boy's neighborhood. Good morning. Good morning. Good morning. Get into our big interview men in our big interview today features rapper game. Yes. He was really honest when it came time to like, you know, he spoke out about the Kelly situation when we had this really long post. And I like what he said that he said I see excuse me. He said a lot of times mental abuse a.

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