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So leftovers. I don't know. Leftover models they already did. It really liked this one. Okay. Yeah. So you're looking at the relationships between everybody. And was that her name? Meridian, yes, Maria. Yeah. And I love her. Me too. I thought it was classy and classic. The fact that they are like dancing and kissing or whatever. And then the sun is just like Aristotle and they're like, but every teenage who likes to see their parents and I'll be honest, like, you say no, but you really do. You want to have that in the other. Yes. And so it's like, you would just hate each other. Exactly. I did like the like we're all sitting around dancing and making dinner thing. I thought it was weird, though, that she was leading, oh, I didn't notice that. Yeah, I noticed that. She was like the one spinning him and actually leading dancing. I was like, okay. Of course. Whatever. Well, then there was the one moment where Ethan was putting some salt into the pan and it was that it's based off the meme where the guy's like sprinkling a little bit. Where he has his arm tucked up like in the swan pose where you're like, it's like biting. The biting swan, you know what I'm talking about. My name is sprinkling a little. I was like, oh yes, I got that. I caught that meme. Yeah, you know, the family was great, and I really liked the dynamic that they had. And they're working together, you know, on the field farm. Yeah. So I'm glad to see in this society farmers still are able to make substantial living. Well, I guess what energy is what your heart was seeing. There's big money in energy. Nowadays, nowadays, the small family farmer is not a thing. And it's such a bummer. It is, except, so I used to work at a bank. And there was this guy that I worked at the business side, so the business window. So this guy, he would drive in every single day, basically. And he had the most worn down pickup truck, you know, you can think of just like falling apart basically. These things coming through. And he would he would deposit $10,000 every single day. Because it was like a little known fact. Maybe some people know some people don't. If you do anything more than 10,000, you have to do a whole bunch of paperwork. Yeah, yeah. As far as cash goes. And so he learned that pretty quick. And so he found the number that he didn't have to do. He would good for him. Yeah, so every day does not need to be in your business about your money. Exactly. So he would just come in every single day and just like, over time, he would just be doing his deposits and whatnot. And as the teller, you're able to see what's in their account. And there's a lot of money in that account. And so for somebody to say, or to think that just because somebody is a farmer, oh yeah. That they are maybe less well off or they don't have things together or maybe less educated or whatever, and I'm just like, that's funny. But yeah, the fact that he's got this big old farm and he's basically the hero of the town that he has a statue. He's got a statue, his dad's got the statue. His is taller. Yes. Because apparently that matters. Yeah, there was a lot of innuendos in this. There were a lot of innuendos. Yeah. And so it goes into and they actually show more of Ethan the sun, the grandson eats grandson. Yeah. And he's got his crowd, his what do they call him? His crew, maybe I think that the crew, because that was the fight at the very beginning. Oh, yeah. Where it's like, no, the crew says, nah, they're not talking about us. This is also touted as the first Disney film to have a same sex attraction for a TV. A main character for a main character, because there's been other characters that are in the background. Really subtle. But this one is not. No, it's 100% there. And this is obviously not a thing that is second guessed. Right. Culture. From there, it's like, which part of me wondered when Jaeger, I have a problem with that. I want to call him Jaeger or as I like to call him Yukon Cornelius. Ah, yes. It's so 100% what do you see that? You can't unsee it. Oh my gosh. It is 100%. I thought when he went Ethan was telling the grandpa that this was because of the generational shift. It's been so long. It's been great. He's been alone in exactly. Society changes a lot in 25 years. But clearly, you know, that wasn't an issue at all. So I think they just didn't want to present this as being anything different or weird or something the second guess. It just isn't. Right, right. And so that's part of the commentary throughout the whole film. It's always brought up. Yes. And it's like some people, I know are going to be so on board and be like, yes, this is my jam. This is everything that I need. And then there's going to be others that aren't. And so I'm really curious to see how it looks out as far as how the box office takes it. This is definitely an older film, I feel like. You know, just like seeing red, not in the same way at all, seeing Regis had period talk, you know. You know, but this one, it's not even the gay relationship. It's just that it's an older film. Like, I was thinking in the beginning. I'm like, would I take my kids to this? Because it's really kind of convoluted, like the storyline is hard to follow. It's not that super funny or engaging or just really, it's just the creatures. That would be interesting. I don't think my kids would like this. I think my kids would get bored. Very, very quickly. Because they can't really relate to the right, you know, eventually the magic carpet comes in. That scene is the magic here, but there is 100% what I thought too. Yes, he is carpet. And I looked and he was based off carpet. You know, his flat was the name of this blue character. But the moment where Ethan, you know, he falls into this pit. The cave of wonders. He falls in the cave of wonders. And then he finds this creature. He's like, hey little guy, come out. And he taunts him out. He says, I'm not going to hurt you. And he says that. But there's even them always like, oh, I'm looking for this lamp. And he shows in the way, and it's the exact same thing. Oh my God. Well, I'm looking for a way out of here. Dude, takes him off, you know? I'm like, wow, they just ripped ripped carpets lines. From the movie we really did. Well, and the other thing later on, I was like, oh my gosh, from Aladdin and the king of thieves. Where it's like, you deeply called I totally did. So at the very end, they go out and they see that, oh, my goodness. It's been a creature. We've been inside of. So misses frizzle's class magic school bus goes inside somebody, this creature digestive system. And they're like, oh, that's the heart. Oh, that's the digestive system. Right. This was a lung. Now windy area. Oh, goodness. Buckle up class. That's really what it was. Right. And then, but you go out at the very end and they go outside of the animal or the creature. It's like a giant eyeball and all I could hear was Aladdin saying on the back of a giant turtle.

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