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Sean hannity show zia's information on news more bold inspired solutions for america goes that oath of been pretty good we people in the five he's been a con live no i got it ever gotten a fight zones with the public and everybody but i've done my time you know is will in this respect fully the anybody in the vehicle to warn zoom will tell you i've been i gave him my word i believe in the jurors by honored the verdict i'm not compe playing for nine years all i've done is try to be yokoo incurs guys round man do time of fighting don't do is going to extend your time in the loop the mood get back to my kids i have these programmes prepared to return to the community setting who so you're not oh my the lila time 36 birthdays with my good maju into them grid the twelve use leading up to this incident this reason to kids in in in la of young sorry in miami with all the media's the feudal got these guys lifezette let's make it a door husan's though that was happening on the street also glad i could go on the ball the agree grazing went to the college of the chosen eyadema's in the roadways we go the trust me i wish it would have never happened as as the courses that igf it it i hope it hills read more divide run into those conflicts with my kids i'm not a got as conflict zones i don't expect added when i leave here but i feel that much medical career but more so from i think my my my commitment to a better courage to goes i thought i was a good guy the some problems would move emma glut got it was go along with everybody mr simpson your can is this crime which two victims were robbed at gunpoint it was a serious crime and there was no excuse for it he deserved to be sent to prison yuban been in prison now almost nine years common minimum out opposed by the court have complied with the rules of the prison you have programmed in an acceptable manner you have no prior conviction of criminal activity your low risk to reoffend on our guidelines have communities support port hands will release plants we've heard from you and from your victim the question here as.

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