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Leila port the tech guy line to Cindy Temecula. Hello Cindy, thanks for hanging on. Hey. I I had a question about the galaxy note nine oh, I love my note. I'm looking at one right now. Okay. Go ahead. Well, I've noticed a when I'm listening to music, and you know, on the speakers stereo speaker quality is late. I mean, I really love it. But every once in a while, I hear a change in the volume or that. Speakers almost like it's slipping back and forth between stereo and mono. Maybe one of the speakers has. Taking off on. I, you know. So I was just wondering if there's any any feedback if you've heard any issues so far with the speaker. So when you talk about speakers, you're not talking about the speakers on the phone. You're you're sending the phone sound to some other speakers is that what you're doing. Now. Now. On the phone. Okay. Yeah. I don't need to send it to anything. I listen to great music and night. When I go to straight that put it on the nightstand on my data, just use the nice, and I'll listen to it. And all of a sudden, it'll it'll sound like one of the speakers, and what goes in and out of him. But it's only happened two or three times make sure that the phone is in do not disturb mode. You probably want to do that at night anyway because any notifications that come in and make sounds will disrupt the sound from the speakers. Yeah. So you know, you can put it into. I just have do not disturb setup for bedtime. You know, ten PM. And then I have it turn off around seven AM that way. I don't I don't want any notifications. Anyway, while I'm asleep. The in the do not disturb has some nice features. You can you know, you could say, well, if somebody on my context lists calls, let them through or. You know, if somebody calls twice than let them through. So you can decide how how a draconian you wanna be in your do not disturb. I don't want anything. I know. I don't care if it's an emergency. I don't wanna hear anything. So I turn off. All sounds, and I would think that that would help with the speakers give that give that a try. I don't I have not heard of other issues. It's not unusual. I mean every every time a new Android phone comes out from Samsung or Google or anybody else you'll hear about people say, oh, the speakers the latest pixel three phone, oh, they distorted high volumes. I I agree with you. I think the Samsung phones are quite good. Acre quality. Yeah. Awesome. Now when you do stereo, what does it come out of the front? And then the bottom is now, it's working. Now, it's one on each end. Oh..

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