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All you gotta learn to love them and care for them. They got to know you're being honest to them. And so yes and you know. It's wonderful i will even today. I have Kids doing an evening. High school would drive up in their truck and roll the window down and say mr cam. Oh i want you to meet my girlfriend. So you know you built that relationship. And wanting kids grow and learn and then i went on to do the same thing for adult scouting Bayden powell and nineteen nineteen started a program Which is an eagle project. Go equivalent for adults wood badge and i began teaching. That course i took it. And then t told it and became the the cost director. Both my sons-in-law are eagle scouts. Wonderful congressional yeah. So i am not needed for tying knots or starting fires that they've got that covered. Yeah yeah. I was very fortunate. Because of what i did. I did. Get the The silver beaver award which is is toward locally and then the silver antelope which is the highest award. Volunteers get within the boy scouts. So and then there's another one. It's called god and country service to church which was my faith has been very critical part of my life and was very honored to get the saint. George ward for service to youth with my shirt okay. Well let's talk about that for a second. You were a founding member of saint peter's cathedral correct right we Left the fiscal church to file form. The anglican church of north america and saint peter's is now the cathedral for this area and so that entity is what we help start and Been very involved with that program. It's a wonderful thing and You know it's been a major part of my life. And i'm so of the church too. When you say we re talking about latino i my wife who's been you know. I was very blessed to meet her. She's from pensacola florida. Six generation floridian which is a rare breed and She helped me change from being this. Stodgy englishman to more. Like you know being an american way you share feelings and you care a moat and so forth easy transition for it. Took me a while. She was very rigorous at making sure that i made that transition. She got very involved with a community activities. We did a lot of that together. one of the interesting things we did together that We had been involved with the british olympic team. And and then We also did the Managing a nascar team right. I started Cam group internationally. Nineteen ninety-six relief. So that i could facilitate my activities in sports and have kept it. Going for consulting services over the is obviously. It's become important more times. And then today i have it very active. And that's really my. That's the company. I work for today. Okay all right. Were you brought up sports. And that's where. I wanna go next because that's a big area of interest for me. I read that in one thousand nine hundred four. You developed a web site for the british olympic team before we get to that website. Because let me do the premise. We tina worked Was vice president of the chamber and We had the sports authority. The goal of the sports authority was to bring major sports events. We're talking about tallahassee tallahassee right and we'd bring major sports event from economic development because obviously what we did was tourism and if you brought Whenever you had a big sporting event you have about two point five to three people that come to town and hotel rooms etc etc so we had been doing that and Then the nineteen ninety. Six games. In atlanta the centennial games looming up. And so i'll goal was to get at least one team to train for the ninety six game. Why was that important. Because the games were being held a loss week in july and the first week in august heat and humidity is a primary issue for these temperate climate countries. Right and so. Fortunately i was asked to be on economic program Communications group to go with. At and t. To england right about that time. And i had the pleasure of meeting up with the british olympic association and the british track and field organizations. That typically don't get on too well because track and field in europe is a big deal for okay and Fortunately we put together a package and we convince them that To consider tallahassee rather than georgia and so they put a bid out For athens georgia chapel hill Raleigh area dharam and tallahassee. Those are the final three and they brought in a team and we showed them all on all kinds of crazy things. But the key thing that we did. I did a evaluation of the Temperature and weather conditions for the last ten years before that and we could deliver the same conditions as those two weeks. August september four earlier for nine months out of the year. And so what i slogan warmly. That's not a big selling point but the thing is really important to understand. Is that in tallahassee. We have the finest heat and humidity in the south and they bought it and they came and we got twenty one of twenty four teams that they took to atlanta thanks. We built the facilities. Put together the facilities. We blessed to have a fantastic relationship with florida state. University florida am all the local communities the biking communities the wrestling communities boxing communities and then the other aspect was Massage therapy which was a big deal in in olympic sports right so they came and they trained for four years and we had an incredible number of athletes. For how long for four years they we. They selected us in ninety four years. Voyeurs of training off and on for that opened on the teams with coming they. As we got closer to the games they came more and more and that formula is very important Four what we did. We were fortunate to be able to contact buckingham palace and princess. Anne made a decision to come and the night and the day before the game started in atlanta. She was flown in on a private jet. And i to spend the day with Taking a to all the venues making meeting the players the dow athlete very exciting. Very exciting time so getting back to the website. You'd sell right The idea was to be able to sell branded material clothing right well for most people that don't realize that the olympic rings look the same and they are the same in every single country but not allowed to sell any kind of olympic gail in america other american olympic gale was got a waiver. We had a good relationship with the american olympic association and so when we open that they agreed to a let us to sell british olympic Branded montero's on that website and That was very significant are so in addition to the olympic the work with the olympics. You also We're involved in managing marketing and sponsorships for a nascar team. So how did you get involved with nascar. I had a friend that i went to chapel hill with. And he was the lawyer for a team and asheville north carolina and they had They had a team but never really got better than seventeenth position in nascar. The difference between first place and forty the forty fourth call is seconds not a lot of time and he asked me to come up and help them with the sponsorship. And so t nigh Took on the opportunity to use our knowledge that we had learned from the olympics to help them with their sponsorship along the way Having worked with all these athletes just little things that we could help them with. That would make a huge difference for instance. Whenever you jump you always jump off the same foot. Okay well when you go over the wall to change a tire you're talking seconds for and if you go to the wall on the wrong foot the body will change and put you on the right foot. You now lost a second. Every second is one position back as you go back on the track. How do you. Max minimize the time. It takes the train to change tires and get the 'cause ready we help them get the sponsorship. We we did that want. We thought we had got a major Victory and tnt spent a lot of time cultivating And we really felt that we had convinced Pepsi dispenser our teams. We had team Number was one and they wanted the number one and the vice president call. Tina and said i gotta tell you we can't go through the deal but when you hear what we have you'll understand and she hung up very disappointed and she told me i said well. There's only one person that would make that difference. And i said jeff gordon and he was a coca cola sponsor and yes. They had convinced him to move from coca cola to pepsi. That was exciting. I mean it's such a tremendous you fly into the the different venues and you inside that area you're working with the teams and just a wonderful experience. But it's not conducive to raising three kids. So that's where we left that industry. Yeah hey everybody just a quick reminder that this episode is brought to you by fiori communications just like people every business has a story to tell and we've been helping our clients. Tell their story since two thousand one because who you are as a company is just as important as what you do to learn more about. How telling your story can make a difference in your business visit. Fury communications dot com. Thanks again for listening now. Back to the show now we get to one of the most interesting parts for me is a huge sports fan especially football fan You were and are still a member of the tallahassee quarterback club and i believe you founded the foundation to Tell me about the origins of the bullet nicole award. And how all that happened as a great question and i thoroughly enjoyed talking about it but bottom line over the years From my time in high school where we played football. I had a tremendous interested college football and football in general and i was watching Charlie ward get his heisman For those don't know. Hollywood was at florida state university in one the heisman and he suddenly could to me as i listened to him getting the award and having listened to the college football award show three days before having looked at the the sport and understanding that there was no ward for the for the wide receivers. As i said there's Seven positions in college football. And indeed. As i look through the history From very posit. Occurred between dot muffin. yale and eighteen. Eighty seven of quarterback was falling and screw the ball and It was caught and went for touchdown and then the ref said well there's no rule against it and that's how the nobody had thought to throw the ball. Nobody thought right. And so it wasn't outlawed Then side then looked at two things. Who would you give the award to. So i the research on who had the best to statistics in college football and as you go through and look at the history up until that date nineteen ninety four ninety-three that time period. It came to be evident that fred. Belinda cough who was from airy pennsylvania very successful athlete at lettered in five sports in high in high school and he played for florida state university and his assistants With very best at the time. That's how i eventually Decided that would be the person that we would name the award after. We also had a great Pro career with the raiders. Right and that's what. I want being a marketing person. That was one aspect that's a great observation on your part is that i didn't pick up on that. And so after we created the ward. I called him and got to know my head to talk to the raiders organization to allow them to talk to him. Yes he had had a very successful pro-career but so then you had to create a trophy and if you look at each of the seven positions. There's a pacific stance that depict if you look at a quarterback where they stand the quarterback award. Looks like that. I look at the running back and the key. Position for receive always a sideline pause and so we created that a war the figurine to look that way and it was kind of interesting is that we had nobody the did Figurines tallahassee the only person. I could do to get to do. It was a world renown duck decoy person. That did decoys for ducks and he did. The i mode. Obviously it had some issues but we had a a very fortunate that we one of the people in town that did trophies and they were able to get the clay model to the company in chicago. louis does all the emmys oscars an mtv awards and so forth and they do all those things and so that model was then sent to chicago and then we wanted a blank to really stand out and so we have philippine immobile which is the finest marble in the world. And that's the blank that goes in the blit knockoff..

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