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The pitfalls of maybe a george saint pierre bones jones could tell you a like how isolating it is and just how weird it might be yeah i think it's isolating in some aspects and then not everyone is in business and other aspects i don't know yeah it's interesting to see over the years out of the differ fighters like a marvin hagler who just like disappear like i'm on our phone calls he wouldn't do any of you know what i mean like i'm gone and you couldn't do that today i mean there's too many demands from new organization on you to promote the flight so that that would be very hard but i think people mike tyson have have been through the ups and downs and made terrible mistakes made a good decisions and those were the really interesting guys from media talk to 'em just because they know they've been there they've done the wrong thing they've done the right thing and they have so much wisdom that like a not just in fighting but those those old timers like that out of there that old but yeah that that those guys with me out when they talk i listen i i like to hear what they have to say about the world that we saw mike tyson was a one of the greatest athletes of all time like you know just because he doesn't play basketball people don't think about right like see athleticism and obviously mohammed ali had a ton of athleticism spider does yeah but i always just thought explosiveness speed yeah i mean i would argue that he mike tyson would be much better athlete than most baseball you like if they're just like you have to keep that consistency up over and over and over and over explode explode explode explode explode there's the rest of your team you're gonna walk and rest okay let's do it again there's nothing like that in in fighting it's over and over and over and over and over on wrestlers have that especially that's why a lot of wrestlers make great fighters is you get kind of the idea of punished in their head who were some the biggest a mute and say worked with some of the biggest you know people that just they're just freaks like genetically not necessarily muscular anything like that but just athletically asking do something showing something and they got it and they and they almost master it you know better than you even demonstrated that that we have a lot of those guys those guys really learned extremely well and then we have like john jones when he's in shape just doesn't fade so he's not like incredibly fast fast but do you not like knowing watching the john jones fide goes he's the fastest human on the planet nobody says he just doesn't fate like you'll fight in the fifth round is better than he fought in the first and so there's that he has this weird ability to just constantly put pressure on you and not fade and the people like george could just explode out of nowhere gsp's boom and carlos condit doesn't when he's in shape you doesn't fade either you just keeps going and going and going and going when he's at his best so you you have these different personalities and these different athletes even within fighting some super explosive some of them are just consistent on you get a lot of different a lot of different types of athletes but they're all incredible athlete what do you think makes a champion what makes you know john jones holly home some of these other people that you've trained what makes them different they've got 'em they gotta be trouble that's a big deal they've got a handle all their stuff outside that's a big deal but they also have a crazy work ethic like if the whole team does one thing you wanna do five more reps that's it's one thing that i've noticed is that when everybody else is done they'll go do just a little bit more a and i think that's one of the most important elements as i'm as i'm older and as i've you know as i studied a great minds a around the sport like custom auto these people they're ten million times better trained at all ever be 'em is i study them and and listen to what they say in their experiences and at this point

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