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Him and listen to them and hear him in read him everywhere. But he's also a across from Chris Broussard on the odd couple on Fox Sports radio daily in the late afternoon early evening. Depending on what time zone you're in, I cannot wait to ask them does the Lakers, move that they have turned into what the Dwight Howard move was for the Lakers a couple years ago. It sounded good. It happened. Right. And it was a fire store. Yeah. And you just wonder about shooters Toronto players because there's only so they do have a thirty two million dollar cap. Spot available of for max tight money. Yeah, there's a lot of interest in what's going to happen in the NBA. But we finished our number one, and I want to pick up where we left off on Chris Simms. Top forty quarterback countdown now we're not going to get outside of the top twenty we probably. Won't make it outside the top ten However I will tell you this in the in the list from eleven to twenty includes Carson Wentz Philip rivers. I think it shortchanged Dak Prescott Matthew Stafford Kirk. Cousin Nick foles Baker Mayfield. Derek Carr Jared Goff at nineteen and Mitchell Trubisky in Chicago at number twenty his top ten one through ten Aaron Rodgers Patrick Mahomes, Russell Wilson, Andrew lucked the Shawn Watson, Ben Rothlisberger. Matt Ryan Cam Newton Tom Brady, drew Brees, my top ten because I listen Chris Simms played the position. I get what he's doing. There's a provocative nature to the list, as well, one that creates controversy. I would have Mahomes, one Rodgers to then I have Brady breeze, three and four before I get to Russell Wilson. Love Russell Wilson. I think sometimes what they do in Seattle doesn't accentuate his strengths. I don't think he's always dealt with a tremendous group at the receiver position from talent standpoint point. They've had a great focus on the running game too much like Jared Goff in the LA Rams. They have Andrew luck. Chris Simms, does at number six. Actually, he has luck at number four, I have luck at six. Matt Ryan is on my number seven line. Jared Goff, eight Rothlisberger nine and Shawn Watson ten. So I've got Watson moved down five spots from where Chris Simms has him. He said, I just think that Chris Simms. Look at this with Tom Brady, nine and drew Brees, ten is a bit on the ridiculous side, unless they're going to step off of the old age cliff. I mean age is always undefeated. And unless unless either one of those steps off that cliff right now. Nine and ten is ridiculous on breezy Brady, especially when it should have been both of those guys playing in the Super Bowl last year. I mean you're you're pass interference right away from them play against each other in the most important game of the year. And there's a reason and it was because of their experience and their acumen at the quarterback position along with other things. But that's the beginning in the end of the discussion that they were the two best going when it mattered. Then in in. You sit at it's about whether going to be at next year. It's not about what they've done. You gotta try to remove all that, but you talk about what drew Brees did last year. Yes. Was there a running game to help? But the way played was was pretty darn impressive. You look at Brady and what he's done. Yes. You'll grunk is gone, and there's different players. But that system has worked for Tom Brady for how many years, why would you think is not going to work again this year? I think the guy that you're living a little bit though is Philip rivers when you look at this year, and I get a lot of credit. But when you look at this. Here in the way that team is built. I think the charges are going to have a great season. And I think they're gonna when they play the way that they do Philip rivers is gonna play at a high level. I contradict myself on this thing with rivers, because I'm telling you that, that I don't want the ring conversation to lead your discussion of quarterbacks. And I don't think for me it does. It's why don't have Brady as the number one entering this season. If if the rings were the biggest argument he would be my number one, but I have been. I've, I've learned in watching Philip rivers in the postseason to not think that he's a top four or five quarterback in his regular season work. He's been there. He's always been there. He belongs in the hall of fame waiting for him five years after he retires. But I think postseason failures some big game failures. Tend to hang with Philip rivers. Whether that's fair or unfair because I don't have the same issue with Patrick Mahomes, as a kid, he's not done in the postseason. I got Mahomes at number one, so. Yeah, I get the contradiction. I'm a living walking contradiction one I'm talking about these quarterbacks at that level as low as you can admit to it. That's the first step in knowing you have a problem. It mission is huge. So I appreciate that, that's gonna make today a lot more easier. Both of us. Yeah. So I've admitted I have a problem when it comes to comparing rivers and Mahomes, because they both have the same post res postseason track record. They don't have one but I'm going to use your argument against you because it's about what they're going to do next year. So you've got to remove the postseason failures of Philip rivers, so you have to write, but you don't have you don't have an issue with me, having Mahomes, one, I don't because I'm looking at the viewpoint of, of what they'll do in two thousand nineteen. I won't say this often, but I love your argument on what Rogers at number two. And you would have maybe a number one because of the motivation listened for those who don't follow it as closely for Aaron Rodgers that coaching change in Green Bay. The brings Matla flurry in at a time when Aaron Rodgers is past thirty five. All right. So we're talking about a co one of the great quarterbacks in the league, his final legacy chapter. I don't know how long the chapter is going to be, but he's starting to penned the final chapter and that motivation of pending the final chapter of his legacy even if the, the chapter is six years, long, this is the start of the final chapter and it he's got he's got a ghost rider on it. Right. Matla floor is his is ghost rider. They have the they have to play nice together. They gotta get along. It's got to be a good thing. He's got a buy in. And I think you know. This as well as I do. Aaron Rodgers is super premium -ly motivated to be that guy. The question is to me, two fold one no player likes to be labeled as injury prone. But Aaron Rodgers has had to collar bones, and an MC L, or whatever the heck the knee thing was this last year might have been. There was a fracture in there, too. He's had those a calf issue. So he's got that is. That is a question. There's no doubt that that's a question. So d'or ability to me becomes number one any Tom Brady's missed one season with the breezes avoided the knock on wood for saints fans has avoided that injury Rogers has an voided it the question that I have for you. Then if you wanna talk about injury concerns is the way Patrick Mahomes place, gives any concern till you're thinking, gee was. Yeah. Aaron Rodgers and patch holes are very, very similar in the way that they both play. Yeah. Well, I'll say this, there's more lettuces amend Mahomes, but the question is he is he can't get caught like RG three did? So there are questions about the way Mahomes plays the way, Cuyler Murray will step into the game. And play is will, they avoid that hit that is that essentially cost RG three is career RG three. I was trying to do stuff that you. Can do at the college level. They can't do it the pro level even as a really talented quarterback because the players are too fast. And it only takes one it only takes one wrong hit wrong time. And I think that's part of Aaron Rodgers with the Anthony Barr injury. A couple years ago, he thought he could be just outside of that area to not take that hits last year. It was in the pocket, but still extending a play the other collarbone years ago against Chicago was extending a play. So those are the questions, right? I mean it becomes part of the conversation, and it is part of the conversation for Mahomes. He's been smart enough, like Russell Wilson to not take that big hit been one year. It's, but it's been one year, one year old. Yeah. And that'll be the question for Kyle Murray entering the league. And he's incredibly quick. He's got a very strong arm. He's a little quarterback. Well, a guy that's not high on your list, that I have higher and the reason that he's not high on your list is because of injury. But I think I've seen enough is Carson Wentz. You know he's. Quarterback debate. It has a lot in there, doesn't it? It really truly does because you look at it and obviously, Nick foles finishes it out. And he goes and gets a big deal in Jacksonville. But what at what since done and the way that he's played no one thought Philadelphia was going to have the season that they had all of a sudden Carson warts is inserted into it, and watch out. So I think he's higher up on the list that a lot of people have him, you know, who I have on the list that I that I always. Kinda shake my own head at putting him on the list and this flies against all wisdom that other people in part to me about the quarterback position. But the one guy who I struggled to put on my list, but I always do is Andrew luck. I knew I knew air and I put him on the list because his numbers continue to stack up and everybody is so bullish on Andrew luck. And I've always looked at Andrew luck and thought I don't think he's that good. I don't think he's good have nothing. I got nothing on it. I mean, I'm on an island you are. Normally we have the same thought on this, but what Angela look at what he did with that team last year. They just kept them upright. That's all day invested in the offense of line. Did it and look at the results for so many years, Angela had no office of line, they made an investment in the office of line, and he produced at some point out by in, or I won't just be wrong. It's the first step is admittance that I'm not admitting anything you. When you're wrong, I just hope you admit that, that's the first step as a big if they're that the win part is..

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