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Now i think sometimes honesty border people confuse cruelty or just meanness hell you've made a living out of it for honesty but i think that he had he had this kind of people knew that if he said he liked you or he liked your food it was came from an honest place and i think that's powerful and again going back to the fact that he was voice to the voiceless there is a lot there's a lot of people everyone thinks these chefs our celebrity chefs many many many chefs i meet are incredibly humble incredibly shy you don't think about that you think they're egomaniac they don't wanna be out they just wanna speak through their food and here this guy comes and is this bridge between the media and them and i think they really appreciate it i think they loved having somebody that spoke for them and defended them and stood up for them but also call them on their crap as well fundable interchangeable but there are a lot of chefs out there even though when you have the thomas keller's the wolfgang pucks in the one andreessen in those kinds of chefs they're not in a class all by themselves that nobody else in the world is well think about anthony bourdain is that absolutely he stands out and that's important because think about this all these bands let's say that we grew up with right and you hear them and then there's certain members of the bands in some bands that are fungible you could trade off the drummer with someone trade out the bass player was someone we've heard that before but oftentimes the qatari just the lead guitarist singer can't change those because they they're impression is so deep on the music right will similarly there are chefs that just cook and they they have good technique and the food comes out the nice and.

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