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Let's get back to cherries interview with lee unchristian adrian molina the coal writers and codirectors of the disney pixar film cocoa so in the movie music is forbidden in the boy's family because the boys great great grandfather walked out on the family to follow his dream of being a great musician a famous musician and the structural boy has a gift for music but he's forbidden to play and he he feels like is being forced to choose between music and family so it's it's interesting premise for family film since you have parents and children watching it together but um miguel comes to miguel the boy comes to believe that his late greatgreatgrandfather person who walked out on the family could become a famous musician is actually ernesto de la cruz who became mexico's most beloved musician in the movies as a fictional character to in our nestor becomes a music sensation and a movie star so i want to play a song from here um and this is remember me which is done several ways at first we just hear it as a bigger nestor dillah crews production number with like dancers unlike a staircase said he's kind of on this like moving staircase being raised higher and higher ever is re wearing bright brightly coloured costumes and then later we hear it as a much more kind of somber nostalgic songs i want to play a little bit of both of them backed backed bactor so we can here the the way that you've come up with a song that was flexible enough to be sung both ways and this was written by bobby lopez and christon anderson lopez they're married he did the music for avenue q and four book of mormon and together they did the music for frozen and here's two versions of the song that they deal for your film coca man booed who who say woonbae all remember him don't let him meguiu crime or even a month gone away i own you in my mom i see must secrets tonight.

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