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Partly cloudy skies today with a high of 68 Tonight Clear the low 39 Right now in Phoenix. Partly cloudy skies 52 degrees Whether is brought to you. By Howard Air. I'm Jeff Mon on Arizona's news station K T A R news. Mike Broom head show on K T A R news 92 3 FM and the K T A R news app. Hey, thanks again for being here. I appreciate you being with us. So here's what's happening on impeachment just if people are paying attention. The debate has begun. It's about a two hour debate period were expected. Somewhere between one and two o'clock this afternoon, There will be a vote in the House of Representatives on impeachment. So one more reason to be listening this afternoon to get us and Chad those guys who get you caught up on all of the news as it happens, and when it breaks, you know we're all over it. So download the case to our news up. That's where we are on impeachment. Um In Arizona lawmaker There's more than one There is a movement and I don't disagree with it, And I think for the governor's perspective, it's a good idea as well. I don't know how the governor feels about this. But there's a guy in the representative in the house named Brett Roberts, who is, um Has a resolution that the measure restricted and suppressed the individual freedoms of economic prosperity of Arizonans. What they're trying to do is get rid of the executive order by the governor on covert 19 when he put out in March. There is a similar resolution happening over in the Senate by Magellan. Michelle You gente Rita, who was a senator from Scottsdale. And as far as I know, when I could be completely wrong As far as I know, this isn't about a major disagreement. Between the governor and all these legislators. But what what it is is that first of all the executive order process is necessary. I think anyone who has watched American politics At the state level local level or at the federal level. You understand the wheels turn very slowly. We were just joking about the impeachment vote. They had a vote. To approve the resolution that they were going to vote on. So it's we're fixing to get ready to do something is what they're doing. They're so the wheels and they're made to turn slowly in many cases, But when things need to be expedited when you got to get something done expeditiously, the executive order process is there and so it is a viable necessary piece of American government. The problem lies when a governor or or a president over steps and instead of getting a piece of legislation agreed upon in the House and the Senate for that governor to sign they try to make legislation on their own, which you can't do that violates the separation of powers laws. They're supposed to be written by the state Legislature voted on in each of the chambers and then go to the governor's desk for signature. I mean, I know I'm giving you a civics lesson you don't need, but that's what happens. In this case it was necessary to use the executive order process. When the Legislature is not in session. The governor has to act in some of these ways. Well, now that they're back in session, the house and the Senate should have a say in a lot of these things, especially when they dramatically affect what's happening in Arizona. When you're talking about which businesses to restrict. When you're talking about how to restrict them. How long to restrict them? One of the benchmarks going to be to taking those restrictions away, One of the punishment's gonna be for violations. All of those things are supposed to be done Legislate. Lady of league. And then you take that to the governor, and then the governor signs it or vetoes it, But another thing to do in Arizona. Just leave it And if you don't sign it, you don't veto it. It just becomes law without a signature. In this case, I think that there should be more input. You are talking about a diversity in the state where different areas are affected in different ways. The densely populated parts of Maricopa County Are completely different. Then the sparsely populated northern Arizona towns. And the way they may handle things need to handle things based on population based on density, But based on resource is might need to be different, or at least come from a different perspective. And so the reason why we have elected officials are so that we have a representative Republic and when you have the executive order in place, It also hinders the governor and I'll tell you The governor and I I I've said it just to be for those of you that are new to the show. Thank you, but, um I do know the governor fairly. Well. I've known him for a long time. I'm not saying this to defend him. I'm just making an observation. It's a thankless job. When things like this happen. I didn't agree with everything the governor did. I didn't agree with the way the governor did a lot of things. I never second guessed his decisions because I'm not in his shoes. Did second guessed the lack of communication for a while. And I felt like we weren't communicated with enough. That's my personal feeling. And, you know, it's not easy for me to come on and criticize someone. A that I like very much and be when I know they're in the thankless position, because you know, when you make a decision, you're gonna have half the population angry with you. He's a businessman and to give orders. That say we're going to shut down businesses realizing what that does to a business owner had to be a very tough decision to make. So I was, it's a thankless job. Having the ability with legislative input, getting something that is being debated in the House and the Senate getting something that both sides agree on that the governor agrees he will sign is how things are supposed to be done. There is a negotiating process. And so you know whether or not people believe it's too strict or not strict enough. You're going to make people you're gonna have people that aren't happy, but the process of expert witnesses and expert input. And coming up with a comprehensive plan, especially now, with what we know and what we've been through. The decisions are going to be a lot different now. And you can see the governor's policies have changed dramatically. My friends were in business owner friends especially were furious about the shutdowns. They seemed arbitrary. They didn't seem like they were doing really any good. We did see a dramatic drop off in case is why when I say it didn't do any good Especially to their businesses, and we did see that bounce back in cases as soon as we opened things back up again. So there were those that wanted to just kind of ride it out and get the herd immunity. Manage what we can manage cases, and there are people that still feel that way. But that's why you have a process of legislation. And I think that they're right in wanting a voice. I think they are correct, according to the Constitution and saying, We're in session now this is something that needs to be legislated. So it's when is something closed. Why is something closed? How is something closed? How do we reopen them? What is punishments for violations? That is a comprehensive piece of legislation..

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