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And weather together on the here's Julie krona's traveling northbound on lakeshore drive at belbow lookout for stalled vehicle it is in the right lane also northbound three fifty five at I fifty five they're still an. Accident blocking the left. Lane the Edens is still holding at twenty seven minutes. Like hooked onto the Kennedy junction nineteen on, the outbound side Kennedy inbound. Is forty five now O'Hare. Into, downtown it's thirty five from the junction ten in the express. Twenty nine on the outside to Montross and. Then, out to the airport is thirty nine on the Eisenhower forty three from route. Three ninety two downtown it's thirty for man I'm an outbound is thirty, three up to three ninety Stevenson inbound is thirty five from three fifty five to lakeshore drive up the tristate. Is twenty three Dan Ryan is heavy and bump thirty-first on in twenty four minutes, ninety history to downtown lake shore drive northbound yeah Have delays through. Grant park and then. Grand does Chicago and north over to Belmont and, southbound you're slow oak street to Chicago. And through granpar- tristate, northbound heavy grand Abell moral. Traveling a Veterans Memorial. You're slow approaching that accident in the left lane southbound slows Roosevelt to Butterfield eighty ninety four Westbound's clear eastbound's heavy Torrens over the Indianapolis WBZ AccuWeather forecast today mostly sunny with a high of eighty four. Mainly in the seventies. At the lakefront tonight clear low of sixty six currently. Still seventy nine hundred eighty one at midway, lakefront seventy seven and eighty. One in Frankfurt get traffic. And weather together on the it's every ten minutes on News Radio. Seven eighty and one zero five point nine. FM Shows central north avenue cameras up everybody video rolling here they come to the crossover break any opposing victory rolls the f thirty five, and the p fifty one lightning to and moonbeam Now they're gonna pitch up and do opposing victory roles. And opposition wounded mix wine off to, the left and have. Thirty five one off to the right now they're gonna get set up for, some individual passes here.

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