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Her name was charlie within e i mean that this and i saw a picture when she was a teacher and she was you know she like a woman but a prison does it to you i guess anyway she had sex with her daughter she serving a threeyear sentence at tucked wyler prison she spoke to release september 10th 2020 and this she's thirty one years old this is for having sex with a student who was under nineteen well if you recall all of this will retirement age of consent right and this came in i'm sure this is probably what the jarred there you uk their journey okay uh what jarred there a mind on this was during the whole judge roy moore thing because people tell me you know he he was thirty seven years old and he went out with this uh this girl who was a seventeen or someone to look like it or lump at the age of consent as sixteen or her lawyers now saying they want appeal to sing the whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa the the guy she slept with were eighteen seventeen eighteen years old and they're going the age of consent in alabama sixteen how in the world can you throw this woman in prison for having sex with somebody that the law says she legally can have sex would they said because she's an authority figure and they're gone well that doesn't wash so as written the law prohibits sexual relationships between any school employee in any student regardless of the school system the thin and regardless those under ate a nineteen another matter if you happen to be up i don't know your flugge degrade and you're still in high school and your 21 and you have you have sex with the teacher's assistant she's nineteen i i don't know who goes to jail they are not sure i guess you both bill but they're going this is screwed up here's what dumb what are appellate threat attorney virginia book says alabama law does not make it a crime for members of other occupations dab consensual sex with sixteen seventeen and eighteen year old even when there is.

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