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Inside the slant and gets it sounded a fifteen got halfway home only because I didn't wanna play the birkhead touchdown again. But that play Overbury and even when robo calls it out somebody said rebel did a great job of that all game. And I agree. But that that was like you just kind of at that point thought there. They're just not going to they're not going to be able to stop this. This this overtime Dr Tony Romo man crazy because everyone was so fascinated with them as a player great quarterback. But really he's almost better at being an analyst in the quarter. Was second. I don't wanna be this. I told you so guy. So I don't I'm not going to go too far down this road. But the Eric berry situation this year was a debacle. And that was a cap on your, you know, your negative proverbial cherry on just what has been a disaster this year. A handled by the team a disaster. Not revealing really anything if he goes and gets surgery now, I mean, we knew that he was injured what he started having these problems August eleventh, he wasn't himself. There's a case of even be made. You take him off the field in this game. And you might have a little bit of a different game plan and other players who have been turning it on maybe would have had more success in that situation. The chiefs released video and everyone's all excited, and I told you guys, let's wait and see what we have here before we get overexcited. I got killed for it. And guess what he should have never been on the field this year. And that's a fact it was a waste of a roster spot. And you talk about the mismanagement his team. This was a great point. But you a couple of weeks ago Kent Khalil McKenzie was a redshirt. They're turning him from a defensive player to an offensive player. Eric berry hate to say this was a waste of a roster spot. So you were dealing with a fifty one man roster spot all year because you had to protect Khalil MacKenzie. That's a disadvantage from the get go. Right. They were behind the eight ball when it came to personnel completely mismanaged. It will there's where's the disconnect? We're never going to know. We're never going to know what really happened on a behind the scenes with all that. But you know, the the chiefs Eric berry was good for one game for a half of one game. And they wound up losing that game. A wound up losing all three games that Eric berry played. So you know, they were thirteen into without Eric berry this year the first game the first half against the chargers was excellent in. You could see his different the difference. He made after that. It was bad where I'm going to want to say this but him being there and confusing and the day to day today today today, whatever the whole thing it's a distraction for a team. And I know that they'll never be a player that tells you that. But the fact that you we we might have this like you could hear it in voice when he's talking about it not to like defend Bob soda. I'm just telling you what happened. But even while we might have them we might not like, isn't that confusing even the players? It's like well Lucas you might be playing you're really playing well lately. But guess what? Now, Eric berry is going to be back. So you're probably going to be bench. Like a certain point, dude. Just get off the field. That's always been my take. And I take some heat for. But, but but in the grand scheme of things, you know, me, I don't just come on a year and spew hot takes. This is the only essential like equivalent to a hot take that. I have it's not hot. It's just a fact, and it was capped tonight. What he was unable to make the play on rob gronkowski. That was your slice of the game. Brought to you by home slice pizza and pints off fifteenth..

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