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Fifty three the us military says one american special operation soldier has been killed four other us service members wounded this came in attack in somalia us africa command says us troops with somalian and kenyan forces came under mortar and small arms fire today the statement does not identify the attackers but says a larger force of somalian and kenyan troops was conducting an operation against al shabaab terrorists a burbank congressman closer to adding some names to the vietnam veterans memorial wall in washington dc names that adam schiff says never should have been left off it was a june morning in nineteen sixty nine when seventy four sailors lost their lives when the us has frankie evans was struck by an australian aircraft carrier i think fully expected by the victims families that when the vietnam memorial was erected that their names will be included and they were quite shocked to find out that they were not that they were on the other side of an imaginary line in the water that separated the combat zone from outside the combat zone the destroy your had been in combat just as earlier and was due to be back the next day shift tells kennex he's just recently succeeded in getting language added to a house bill that would add those names he says he's hoping the senate will now follow suit rob archer knx ten seventy newsradio time of the week where we take a moment to thank the people who bring you the news here on knx include our producers greg able retriever and david singer writers kathleen mendoza and elaine perkins and of course our news production coordinators john new neo and sergio alexander a pioneer in the world of animation stepping down in the wake of sexual misconduct allegations got that story coming up at the top of the yellow right now it's six fifty five traffic and weather together every.

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