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Subscribe to the virtuous wherever you get your podcast. Let's either we're back on the falcons alex post post game podcast. <hes> we're talking about atlanta versus miami the first preseason game of the two thousand eighteen season this is d._w._i. Back with evan burchfield whenever fantastic writers the foul <unk> dot com and we wanna talk about the defensive players who we saw that stood out in this game and evan l. about you but the first it's name that jumps out to mind came out of nowhere is austin larkin way data is going to say to say that the same china china for dramatic effect and your story yeah no. You're right though he did. He looked took fantastic and i'm gonna be honest with you. I know i knew nothing about him. <hes> in apparently looking at what everybody else was saying on twitter. Nobody really really knew anything about him. I'm sure there's one or two people listening you did by yellow really good it was it was shocking because <hes> i actually <hes> on on the twitter's i i message over to <hes> and you guys can go check on twitter. I asked jason but of the athletic. I was like have you ever. I heard of this guy like sincerely. Have you ever heard of austin larkin and in his response was other than seeing him get signed with the team. I haven't heard anything else also spelled him like this guy is completely under the radar and all of a sudden he shows up in the preseason and he all he does is register a sack back a tackle for loss six total tackles just looked like a player who's it was playing for his life and <hes> really impressed especially given that this was the first preseason game the stat line matched up with what we saw in the game like this guy was <hes> he led the team in tackles for the day had the sack the tax laws it was really we <hes> impressive and i'm not saying that you don't get me wrong. I'm not saying that austin. Larkin is going to be the next you know the pass rusher <hes> the next von miller. He's not going to be the next reggie white anything of that sort but you're not thought yeah. That's exactly right well. What i thought was what what i thought was cool to was. He was wearing possibly the ugliest. It's number for a pass rusher sixty-two like he he was smashing everything out of the park like nobody expected from him. He was wearing like the worst number you could possibly we'd be wearing. It was a great night for larkin and everyone's going to take notice now. I would imagine yeah and i think that's that's. The great thing about the preseason is you've got got these random names that suddenly pop up on you know the stat sheets and you're like who is austin larkin and arguably for for fans this who paid attention who watched the first preseason game this now has become a become a name that falcons fans are gonna have to pay attention to like people are going to be watching the practice reports did austin larkin standout practices week..

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