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Friends. Remembering Robert Cunningham this week, the metro mechanic who intervened, you'll remember to help a customer and was shot and killed at the Potomac avenue station Tuesday this week Metro general manager Randy Clark calls Robert Cunningham a hero, but his coworker and friend Greg Bowen junior tells NBC four, he was a gentle giant. We lost a shining star of somebody who cared someone who was dedicated to making sure that the system ran great, not just for himself or for a job, but for everybody else around was coworkers to be safe. What a public to get back and forth. If you genuinely care. Metro established an online fundraiser for the 64 year old mechanic, who leaves behind a wife and four children, which is well past its $25,000 goal, find that link at WTO P dot com. Megan cloher, WTO news. In Arlington county, Wakefield high school, which was put on lockdown twice, just this week will be closed today, Friday February 3rd. Officials say the school building will still be open during normal hours to provide counseling services and mental health support for students and staff. The school was placed under a lockdown just after noon, Thursday for the report of a possible trespasser at the time, the lockdown was lifted three hours later at the student's normal dismissal time. There was also a lockdown on Tuesday, this week after a student was then found unconscious in a bathroom with a drug overdose. That student remains were told in critical condition this morning. D.C. has already spent millions on high impact tutoring efforts to help students recover from the COVID pandemic. Now the city is expanding those efforts apparently. 9 organizations ranging from American university to Horton's kids will receive grants to fund the tutoring sessions. Mayor muriel Bowser says the $7 million investment will allow the city to reach more students. That will allow these organizations to work with 3600 more students over the next 20 months. High impact tutoring usually occurs in small groups for at least 90 minutes per week. Superintendent Christina grant are 9 new providers are going to focus on math and literacy. They're going to think differently about how they provide individualized service. Grant expects the city to exceed its goal of providing tutoring to 10,000 kids by September 2024. Scott gelman, WTO P news. Three O 6, already offered at other parts of the region, now locally, the prince George's county council is considering the plan we're told to offer rebates for outdoor security cameras for both residents and businesses alike. County council committee took up a measure to offer rebates to people who set up security cameras outside their home. This is a step in the right direction. Juanita agnew's 13 year old son Jay is was shot and killed while he was raking leaves on her front yard last year. Neither she nor her neighbors had cameras. This will be a benefit for all of us. Under the proposal residents could get up to $200 back for a camera and $100 to help defray the cost of a subscription. Crystal or chairs the committee. My goal is to get this under between 250, a $100,000. In the measure pass committee easily. John dome in WTO P news. Three O 7 the lease on Camden yard in Baltimore will expire at the end of this year. So Maryland governor westmore and the Baltimore Orioles are announcing a partnership this week to help give Camden yard a little spruce up, if you will. And the joint statement they say, the public private partnership will help upgrade the ballpark and help develop projects in the surrounding areas. The General Assembly passed legislation just last year that included a new lease agreement for the O's. It will provide nearly 600 million for those improvements. It's three O 7, traffic and weather coming right up on

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