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Ninety five masks and even some high tech breeders that are something akin to a military gas mask and then you see a lot of people improvising with homemade cloth mass well guess what they work scientists who checked out cloth masks from that they were ninety nine percent effective in blocking infectious particles the best cloth mats were those that utilize several layers of cotton and we're effective at catching infectious particles from the wearer's cough and sneezes as well as those from others traveling through the air Jim Shannon CBS news it appears a lot of people have had their fill of working from home about three and four employees are eager to return to the office seventy nine percent of men sixty one percent of women about half of the more than one thousand American workers recruiting site glassdoor surveyed expect to return to the office in some capacity this summer as a what's expected once back inside more than half think their companies will require that masks and gloves be warned three quarters of us expect your employer to provide hand sanitizer and disinfectant mac Piper CBS news money earmarked for a new high school on the near southside is part of the state budget that was passed last week people who live in the south loop Chinatown in Bridgeport have clamored for years for a new high school for their communities now state lawmakers have approved fifty million dollars to go towards one the bill sponsor representative Theresa mah tells the sun times that she's confident community leaders can work with city hall and the Chicago school system to make it a reality she says among other things such as school would serve immigrant families in Chinatown who need bilingual support burning to pull it newsradio one oh five point nine FM the justice department is dropping its investigation into the stock sales of three senators Kelli Leffler James in off and Dianne Feinstein the senator's maid the stock sales before the pandemic tank financial markets and prompted the probe investigation apparently is continuing however into Republican senator Richard Burr's stock trades around the same time he has temporarily stepped down from his chairmanship of the intelligence committee Steve Dorsey CBS news Washington protests continue in Hong Kong as lawmakers debate a bill criminalizing abuse of the Chinese national anthem in the semi autonomous city Lisa master leans ahead of the meeting loudly warning protesters they could be prosecuted while in the central business district please raise flags as warnings groups gathered before shooting pebbles and searching several people more than fifty people in the coals way bay shopping district have been rounded up well wrought police patrolled and one journalist to stop filming the bill makes it illegal to insult or abuse the March of the volunteers I'm from I'm Charles the last month we'll get a check of some low gas prices also traffic and weather together on the H. just to have the latest on things getting cooler as the week goes along all of that just ahead WBBM news time eleven thirty sep this is chief economic stimulus officer Brian wicker if you could lower your monthly mortgage payment by a hundred fifty three Bucks a month would you do it that's eighteen hundred thirty six dollars a year by the way and it's exactly how much one of our clients is about to say about her two hundred thirty seven thousand dollar loan by dropping the four point three eight thirty year rates you refinance to just a year ago down to a three point two seven APR on a new thirty year fixed there are a ton of you out there right now hearing this ad to have interest rates at four percent or higher so I'm guessing it's the thought of all the paperwork and hassle that must be holding you back or maybe you don't want the appraiser traipsing through your home well good news the majority of Acura's refinances don't require an interior appraisal and we take care of everything else online and over the phone we've even reengineer the closing process to be covert nineteen safe all you gotta do to get started with your own accurate economic stimulus packages to click on the blue button at ECC you any T. dot com during this pandemic Catholic charities of Chicago has witnessed the generosity and solidarity of so many people in the region thank you for donating for volunteering and for helping them serve the most impacted by coal bit nineteen especially the unemployed the homeless and the elderly Catholic charities salutes their staff on the front lines meeting growing needs with skill and compassion help them continue this crucial work his visit Catholic charities dot net and give what you can the lowest gas prices from newsradio seven eighty and one oh five point nine FM WBBM on the south.

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