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He laughed and he signed a free agency but i think that they've got the talent they just got to be able to direct it and find a way to win with the talent they have and that's not putting the load on the quarterbacks that's by playing great defense great specialty teams running the football allowing these three young quarterbacks to develop including jt daniels who will be coming in in the fall follow him on twitter at co char behidn coach you know when you lose a cow caliber running back like a ronald jones a second what you have a guy like steven carr coming back i mean this kid teams were there were flashes of brilliance big time and i really think this kid's upside if he can stay healthy could be i really think he could even be needy better than ronald jones i think down the road he that potential a young man that really had a great spring is a war aware i really thought he he really gained a lot like ronald jones dead between his junior year and senior yard tell you really had a great spring he's big now he's strong iran plachy i was really impressed by him and a young man named malachi a rutta back big running back from hawaii was injured a lot but he had a great spring he's a big strong player if they were to go to to back set they'd really have really three good backs if of course steven carr heels and he's going to heal he was out there every day they just didn't want to beat him up and didn't want to have anything happen to him so you know he'll be back and he'll be ready to go and and they've gotta just strengthen their offensive line and become more physical on defense and sworn to football and you know they'll be the favourite w favor favorite to.

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