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You if you want to if they're gonna I'm allowed to play tennis now do you think I'm going to wear a mask but I think in that you don't have to you don't have you has that goes all right you have to go to the beach bill is right you know people which now I would rather be here where the boardwalk that's going to be a fun not someone I can't wait to see that and I don't all right listen do you want to have a life or death your choice I'm just telling you if you're on the boardwalk and it's ninety degrees you're not wearing a mask when you're not wearing a mask your your yesterday for your model in your reckless with my help they go back yeah anywhere Shauna come back out when you like I said Arnaiz opinion on Wentz versus falls yes we're going to get that and we're going to talk about all the latest in sports and what's going on as they begin to ramp back up some shocking details yesterday and that N. B. eight shocking W. I. P. sports start seven thirty sep for W. I. D.'s once and for all is sponsored by bush auto group he's Joe bush with his take on Foles verses one and I think Nick Foles is a better quarterback Ben Carson once I think he sees the play develop and puts the ball where it needs to be which causes less stress on the receivers and it makes it an easier to catch small glimpses a great quarterback but I think I gotta give Foles the age because of his style of play bush auto group car buying made easy bush or group dot com.

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