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Lady almost bowled a perfect game last weekend she missed the perfect game because she did not commit to the role from ryan noho in woodbridge virginia why are you so skeptical of this idea of climate control they've already invented it will talks about it all the time he decides what climate he wanted to be gets in the right machine and wallah warm and sunny or unsurprisingly grist whenever he wants only downside is the climate machine does come with the occasional canine fecal sent from dennis ryan and traverse city michigan pat forty while commenting on the tony bennett lead cavaliers loss to unbc pointed out that when a deer drives in front of your car you should just do something different most of us have been taught not to veer for deer but that is assumed that the deer is on foot so what kind of adjustment should one make if the deer drives in front of your car driving cars at writing in a driverless uber what if it's on a bike and not wearing white i will hang up and listen from read evans in charleston south carolina after tuesday's show you nbc the over uva is now the second biggest shocker the week i never would have believed that you could bring up zero's ri without a lengthy side discussion on the merits of the paper versus the plastic thing you can take the plastic bag outside but you want it in the paper for the right homes phil from herndon virginia dear dr hoff the reason you have not yet hit the jackpot is like hillary you've ignored the fly over states you're east coast west coast bias asserting you just ask the donald from todd wore nick in jerusalem i continue to be a loyal little listening to all the shows from jerusalem the wellknown historical in modernday headquarters for control where do to strong connections with rothschild range this week for eighty five and sunny while you wallow in snow and near freezing temperatures thanks for the great smiles and i wish you and the various and sundry happy passover next week go easy on the mozza there's more than one reason it's called the bread of flick shen tell kip ximan if he wants to be mornings exactly as weather forecasting that he should contact me from garrett keith in winnipeg manitoba i'm curious when.

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