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Charlotte, Becky, Becky Lynch discussed on The Wade Keller Pro Wrestling Podcast


You know, this convoluted thing that nobody was into nearly as much as if they've just done that straight. Mash, I still think they just done that straight match and they'd made it about Becky Lynch coming to kick. Rhonda rouses ass that that had the potential to really elevates medicine the product they didn't do that. And I think that was a massive booking stake that we talk a lot about like sort of these stomach things. And I think the vast majority of the problems just stomach things, but as far as individual booking decisions, you know, to do this or do that I think that's one of the worst booking decisions in a great many years. Was that that decision to not give the fans and and not give the fans who are watching what? They wanted to see and not give the fans who aren't watching the offering of something that's much more straightforward easy to digest attractive option. Pro wrestling, which is big he'll big baby face. They're gonna fight. You make you explain what they lost by not having Becky run a one on one in that scenario, which I agree was scenario. Did they on the other side of the ledger gain did Charlotte gain anything from being in that match that the at least slightly mitigates what they lost by not taking the the one on one approach that you made the case for the Charlotte seen any hotter to you. I'm probably I was such an advocate for the one on one match. But I always thought in my in my mind, or I always knew that the argument was well, it's a big match. We don't know if we're gonna have Ron again and Charlotte being in that match and having been part of the first ever made event at wrestlemainia is something that you'll carry around with herself that will pay dividends for years to come in. That is is the argument for her being in that match. I am more in the category up strong actually strongly more in the category of thinking when you have something a specialist. Becky Rhonda could have been one on one do it. But I am not in denial or I should say not now I am. I am not willing to deny the argument. I you. I am. I am willing to entertain the notion that well, it is a shame that they gave up as you are artfully in articulately explained a potential break-up moment for Becky that would have meant much more that on the other side of the ledger. There wasn't something for Charlotte. Gained in the kind of aggregate long run of her being an anchor of the women's division of WWE that she was in that match and kenley can reference that and that is part of history. Well, I'll be much more dismissing that point if you could she is I think she is no more over than she was before. And the only effect that had was making Charlotte and Becky feel more stale. So that they can't do it now because it feels like a pirate issue. Yup. Fair enough. I think that's fairly sink point of view on the stoop to. So I I very much do identify with the concern about like, well, I don't wanna feel like I'm just you know, like backing up like the opinion I had before. So I've got to overcompensate by being more charitable to the point of view that I disagree with in the first place because I I think that stuff all the time. But I've in this in this case, I've I've beaten down that reservation, and and it's, you know,.

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