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Love for you to be part of the conversation wherever you are most of your home of course five one two eight three six zero five ninety what are your concerns this morning what are your needs how are you coping how you getting by talking to a few people here in the building and we pretty much have a skeleton crew around the the building here this morning and and will for the next several weeks some of the concerns I'm hearing are are what's going to happen when people run out of food if grocery stores have empty shelves some people after two or three weeks I might run out of a few essential things what's going to happen then how will the elderly that's are you know are trapped inside their homes in some cases by themselves how will they be taken care of if they don't have family locally but also there's a concern talking to a few young people in this building about young people not taking it serious enough and spreading it to their loved ones or somebody else's love once well you know yet young people feel bulletproof and and that the I remember that feeling so that snow surprises I mean there were some footage from one of the beaches in Florida yesterday were there the spring breakers were just going nuts in the place was packed and they were talking to a drunk spring breakers he said not going to keep me from party yeah well I can understand that in the spring breaks a lot of fun yeah I just wonder why didn't close those beaches now I know I know and that's and that's why there's so and that's why there's so many mixed signals out there there are a lot of things that are open a lot of things and all people in some cases are still getting together if you will right yeah Austin residents Tracy or Tracy Palmer this is in the Texas Tribune this morning Casey Palmer has many reasons to worry about the new coronavirus and her working conditions are not making it any easier she's a forty nine year old tax exam with the internal revenue service's single mom to a teen son she's in remission from stage four ovarian cancer but it's not completely clear yet she works at Walmart that has been turned into a federal office building with hundreds employees packed into a close quarters now as a bomb yesterday amid aggressive shutdowns across the state she still required to come into the office in fact many local state and federal employees are still required to show up at work the DPR cell S. office spaces like that right yeah people need to be given that room if if there's any way they can work from home even even if they can't work from home they should still have the option not to be exposed like that yeah there's a lot of potential exposure to one of my family I guess we still have to process you know taxes and things like that I just got to keep moving there isn't there is still you know an extension if you want on this right but as more more people are infected according to the Tribune each day coping nineteen the disease caused by the corona virus first identified in December of twenty nineteen health officials in many employees urge people to work from home to prevent the spread now on Monday as you know president trump's issued some guidelines suggesting people avoid groups larger than ten people last week governor Greg Abbott directed agencies to provide flexible remote work options for all employees but apparently some folks are not heeding that warning yeah yeah with it so that's unfortunate because again a lot of flexibility needs to be given out there right now I know that our company is certainly doing that for every possibility you know every area that anybody that can possibly work from home they're letting him do that right now now the Austin area has a new batch of crowded test but health officials I don't know how long that you know that'll last Austin Travis county health official Dr Jason Pickett he says they'll soon find out as they've launched eleven drive through test sites here locally so we don't know until we start getting those referrals freely from the medical society and that's a that's a big fluid number that will be evaluating every day it says they're keeping an eye on the confirmed cases counter so they cannot expand services as needed this was the president yesterday talking about a shortage of mask ventilators and masts with ordered five hundred million N. ninety five masks to drive private production it manufactures are we purposing factories one major manufacturers already double capacity and we've S. construction companies to donate unused.

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