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On us because of the the randy weaver's astra to in terms of orange earns early us noone native do they're in it i think in all really happy with our can engage add is doing right now and how it looks and all that now has lost dudes consultations so we also have another one here go ahead jul's pleads go ahead because we have a question here from from twitter that i i hope you guys can expand on just a little too because there's so many moving parts when it comes to a phone launch isis from andrew wallace 'em how do you propose to make a move into the united states smartphone market with so much competition from bigger players and the the the sort of inception of this brand is coming from a very canadian perspective there's obviously a lot of vendemiaire bram overlap between canadian consumers united states consumers but then moving beyond that to what what kind of conversations of you guys face in terms of smartphones across the world market neither obviously a lot of differences moving from region to region maybe l a number of areas like i keep thinking about some of my relatives in latin america who might not be quite so in touch with a dollar shave club kind of conversation for something that's become such a mission critical communications device though you want to go uh so uh we would definitely loves to expand later ronald to latin america asian markets and that sort of thing but if you're looking at me did a lot of market research and we're looking at uh the amount of competition in asia compared to the us for example it's it's night and day honestly and you see this sort of allegiance to us the bigger brands in the us and that's something that a lot of people a lot of people are okay with by uh even though there are there is a lot of there are a lot of our phones them.

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